Do you have a knack for developing websites? You should have a knack for designing them, too.

There’s a big gap in skills between developers and designers. Developers understand the technical side of building websites.

You can understand code, and how to take a person’s design and translate it to code. There are several advantages to learning the principles of design for yourself.

Read on to learn why you should learn the basics of design and what it can do for your development career.

1. Your Skills are In Demand

As a developer, your skills are already highly sought after. Most people either know development or they know design.

Very few know both very well. That can bode well for you as you build your career. It can give you a leg up on the competition.

2. Build Websites Faster

When you build a website, you have a designer create the user interface and deliver that to you to turn into code.

That’s not a bad thing, but you don’t have control over the process. It can also get held up by the designer, making your clients a little cranky.

By knowing the design, you have the ability to take full control over the project and build websites much faster on your own.

3. Expand Your Services

It’s always a good idea to diversify your income. As a developer, you only have one source of income.

By knowing basic design principles, you are giving yourself an opportunity to expand your services and make more money.

You can offer logo design projects on top of website design and development services.

4. Provide Constructive Feedback to Clients and Designers

Your clients look to you to provide a level of expertise. You can add to that expertise by giving them constructive feedback on the initial designs. Design is so important, that 48% of users will decide if a business is credible based on the design of the site.

You’re able to educate your clients and give them the best chance to have a great website that gets results.

5. You End Up with a Better Product and Happy Clients

Your career as a developer is all about creating happy clients. That’s how you build your reputation as a great developer.

When you know design principles, you’re able to deliver feedback that turns into a much better end product.

That is bound to make your clients happy because you created a much stronger product for them.

Learn Basic Principles of Design for a Better Career

If you’re a developer you are already a popular person because your skills are in demand. You can take your skills to another level by learning the principles of design.

Development and design go together, and if you know both, you’ll become the go-to person for work. You’ll be in the perfect position to build a website that your clients will love. Not only that, but you’ll be able to offer other creative services, such as logo design.

It’s a win for you and a win for your clients. Be sure to come back to this site often for more great tech articles.


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