PHP for Enterprise App Development

You need three things to be proper for your app – the layout because you need the customer to like it; the security – because privacy matters and lastly, the speed – because if your app is not fast enough, customers won’t take much time to switch. Hence, PHP! It is faster and more secure than other languages available.

So, you get it that in respective of customers, one might choose PHP. But what about the company and developer? Is PHP beneficial for them too?

Why do Businesses Choose PHP for Application Development?

To be honest with you, there are many reasons to choose PHP, but I will add only the ones that are more familiar and that you can relate with. So, here are the top reasons:

Learning Curve

As a developer, it is often understood to choose PHP as the learning curve is smooth. Basically, it is easy to learn. Also, it is said to be one of the easiest computer languages that a developer can use to build websites. Regardless of the topic being on apps, I am mentioning this because it may help. PHP would seem easy for developers who have tried their hand at Java or C.


PHP is an open-source language. For PHP, you will not have to pay the license fee. It is totally free, making it budget-friendly for the business as well as developers. So, if you know how to code using PHP, you will not have to worry about additional charges if you want to make the features complex or try new things with it.


Half of your job is done if you have PHP development solutions provider who are experts in the field. Why? Because PHP can be used to develop almost everything. Hence, PHP is always a developer’s only choice in most cases.


Even though I mentioned this already, I believe there is no harm in saying twice. PHP has certain unique security features that enable the creation of secure commercial websites. Even professionals from around the world provide support for PHP to improve things.

Faster Development

PHP helps you create a fast and secure application. Since, like React, it allows code reusability, you will not have to spare time and effort to code from scratch in case of updates and so. Not only that, but you can also make minor changes in the code without sending the app for an update.


One of the primary factors in choosing PHP for development is the versatility language offers across several platforms, including Linux, Windows, and others. It provides support for practically all servers and over 20 databases.

Hosting Strategies

PHP enables simple development and simple integration, making it a suitable hosting choice. Because of this, hosting companies offer free hosting services to websites that accept PHP.


Businesses grow over time, so they seek out technologies that can grow with them. To increase the performance of the website, PHP comes with a plethora of free extensions that can be utilized as and when required.

A Multifaceted Framework

Numerous frameworks for PHP are available, including Laravel, Symfony, etc. Developers are free to select their preferred framework before beginning to code on it. In this manner, developers can begin the project’s development right away.

Effective at Keeping Clients

You must make sure that the app is swift and responsive to keep consumers engaged and to ensure that they return to you. PHP frameworks provide quick turnaround times and speedy data processing to provide the optimum customer experience. It is superior to other computer languages and was created to create dynamic web pages.

Now that you have covered the advantages and should start looking for the cost to hire a PHP developer, let’s first ask, who do you think has believed in these ‘reasons to choose.’ By that, I mean to ask who actually chose PHP to develop their app or website. Let’s take a look.

Which Companies are Using PHP?

Given PHP’s popularity, you might be startled to see a few of the most well-known names on this list. So, let’s check out which applications make the best use of PHP.


Do we really need any more evidence of PHP’s potential when companies this size as Facebook use it? HipHop Virtual Machine is the PHP version that social media colossus Facebook uses. This version of PHP has ultimately led to upgrades trickling down into PHP itself.


Ultimately, it is no surprise that the biggest CMS uses PHP to communicate. After retrieving them from the database, PHP is utilized to render important parts as static HTML. This enables millions of customers to drag and drop site UI elements and begin creating websites with little to no technical knowledge.


When it comes to updates, Wikipedia is unsurpassed. Wikipedia has grown to approximately 6,000 new entries per day and 1.9 edits per second. As a result, Wikipedia has great stability and scalability, and all the credit goes to PHP.


Its proliferation has been explosive in recent years since it offers simple picture editors for producing eye-catching web or print designs. PHP plays a big part in Canva’s overall performance. First of all, it is fast and easy to use. 2nd of all, it is preferred by all. I mean, it is the go-to designing tool for all.


Companies have been able to save hours because of PHP’s evolving environment as a scripting language. Also, it hugely contributed to long-term ROI. Given PHP7’s sudden spike, one thing is plainly evident: it should be considered seriously to develop an app or website.