Why Businesses Are Turning Towards Telematics? Will This Become A Mandate in The Future?


As business owners, be it a large-scale business or a conservative one, the prevailing imposing threat is a lack of stability.

With the current world scenario, the need for stability has further grown into a necessity. Furthermore, companies involved in logistics and transportation need to focus on multiple criteria; starting with customer satisfaction.

There is a constant demand to track the drivers and the cargo that they carry, to ensure their safety, and for security purposes as well. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that the product has been delivered promptly while keeping the contents secure.

Let us present you with a hypothetical scenario.

Assume that Business A does not utilize any such management services. One of their drivers has, unfortunately, fallen ill while on the job and is incapable of completing the delivery. Having no means to track the nearby drivers, who could potentially take over the job, Business A loses its client and a much-needed commission.

Whereas, Business B has been smart enough to use services to oversee the locations and situations of the drivers beforehand as a precaution. From the perspective of a customer, wouldn’t you partner with Business B?

Just like Business B, to prevent such situations and worse, many companies have begun to employ telematics systems in their day to day operations. Such services can not only help keep the drivers secure but can also help you manage your finances efficiently.

By exercising such services, you will be able to track everything; starting from the GPS location of each of your vehicles to the reason behind their ten-minute delay.

Assured Productivity With Telematics

Managing a large fleet of vehicles poses several challenges during the day to day ventures. Several common examples as to how such challenges can be overcome have been discussed below for your benefit.

1. Elevated Cost of Running

The primary goal for your business is to turn a profit. This could prove to be difficult when your trucks are turning in a very high cost of running. Delegating a portion of your finances toward fuel and maintenance of the vehicles without proper reports could lead to losses.

Imagine gaining a profit only to pour it back into vehicular needs!

Through FMS, you will be able to efficiently monitor fuel consumption and choose the best route for your drivers to take. You will also be gifted with a monthly report on fuel consumption and other such necessary details that could lead to you turning in a bigger profit.

2. Addressing Unforeseen Emergency

One of the most probable situations that could deter your driver could be an abrupt worsening of the weather or an ill-fated accident on-route. While keeping the drivers’ safety in mind, you would also be able to analyse the situation from your office.

With the ability to track the positions of every driver on your payroll, you could efficiently alert the nearest driver of the situation and deliver the cargo on time. FMS easily offers GPS services, including satellite communication, for your satisfaction.

3. Monitoring Vehicular Segments

It is equally vital to maintain vehicles to reduce needless expenses. If the vehicles aren’t serviced according to need, they could further lead to a loss in profit.

Having a vehicle break down in the middle of delivery is the very thing that could tarnish the reputation of a budding business.

However, constantly bringing in vehicles to handle maintenance, if any, consumes valuable time. Instead, wouldn’t it be more effective, to bring in only those vehicles that require urgent care?

Technology advancements through the years have simplified vehicular maintenance by a tonne. With FMS, you will now be able to monitor everything except the mood of the driver.

Starting from the speed in which the vehicle is traveling to the total engine hours, you can access all the data and perform the required arrangements.

It’s the little things that amass to make a difference.

4. Connecting with Drivers

Sustaining regular interaction with your drivers is a key factor for any successful business. While keeping the drivers happy and healthy is necessary, you must also focus on any discrepancies.

You must take the utmost care while employing the drivers and make sure that they maintain a level of integrity during their work as well. You must be aware that the drivers’ behavior, in turn, affects your business.

FMS helps you out in this regard too! CSA scores are regularly calculated and updated according to the situations that unfold. Once again, you can easily monitor your drivers and reprimand or commend them when required.

5. Parking Spot Issues

If there is one concern of everyone who drives; it’s parking. Driving to the customers’ place for a delivery only to realize that there is no place to park and unload is frustrating, to say the least. It could also lead to the drivers missing their on-time delivery.

By utilizing GPS maps, data from the fleet vehicles, and satellite communication, FMS gives you a holistic view of available parking. According to the parking conditions present near the vicinity of the customer, you can choose which vehicle to dispatch.

That’s one load off for your drivers!

Will Telematics Rule the Future?

The previously discussed are only a few of many scenarios in which FMS is invaluable to you and your business. Taking into account the current times, businesses relying on fleet services have surely taken a hit.

However, the circumstances can still be salvaged by applying proper security measures and careful monitoring. Remember, the safety of your drivers and customers must be the priority.

Although the challenges are in abundance, according to logistics, the fleet industry is on an upward trend.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to follow these trends and find new innovations to implement; innovations that could help alleviate your workers and your customers. Given the future, be it drones you’re using or trucks, FMS can positively extend the services that you need.

Timely reports and constant surveillance can only prove to be useful to you. If you still haven’t invested in telematics solutions, the future is now!

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