When will be the next PR update? How to increase the page rank? Will the next PR be in May or June? Ohh, I’m fed up with these kinds of questions. Social media sites are flooded up with these queries, aren’t they? Basically, Google Page Rank is nothing but a mystic ranking system which mainly depends upon the authority of a website/blog. The most traditional method to get a high Page Rank is building high-quality backlinks. Here I list out the top PR blogs to comment and gain some handsome traffic as well as a precious back link.

This list starts with PR 7 blog and ends in PR 4 blogs. I have not included PR 3 blogs at all. Hence, you get the maximum for your effort. All these links are checked with this tool and confirmed while posting. Most of these blogs are do-follow and you will get the extra benefits of that as well.

As per the track records and past trends, Google might have initiated  to roll out the latest Page Rank update after the most recent Update in February 4 and I’m sure that most of you, including me, are eagerly waiting to get the green light blinked on the Page Rank status bar. Am I correct? Well, Google Page rank is still considered as the most influential factor to determine a website’s authority though it’s not directly affecting on search engine result positions (SERPs). However, in order to catch the advertisers and guest bloggers, Page Rank plays a vital role undoubtedly.

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I often receive many guest post requests to get published on this blog but the most interesting fact is that, whenever they look into my Page Rank, they stop sending the articles and hence the break-up. This is something very usual but having no Page Rank is certainly a burden and unarguably the most challenging part for a webmaster.

Thus you get start wandering for getting high page rank and most probably, it will end up with great hesitation. Moving beyond without understanding how Page Rank and Google Algorithms work are quite useless and time-consuming. I’m not going to explain how Google calculates Page Rank or quick tips to increase Page Rank as there are hundreds and hundreds of kind articles scattered over the blogosphere, to be precise, on the internet.

Link building ever exists because of the fact that Google seriously considers a website’s/blog’s authority by examining the quality of inbound or outbound links it has. So, getting a high Page Rank without building sufficient high-quality links is a daydream and you are just spoiling your blog’s future.

When it comes to 2013, hell lot things are updated from the Google’s algo dept. and they had modified their ranking schematics continuously in the past 4 months. Hence, occurred huge traffic drop for certain blogs and on the other hand, some have got tremendous benefits from the organic part.

Here I list out some high PR blogs list to build quality backlinks and remember it’s never too late to build them. Google hates comment spamming (seriously) and please be cautious while commenting on these blogs. Never burst shower comments on a particular day as it may lead to blacklisting of your blog. So, do wisely and try to read at least the title of the post before commenting. Nothing unofficial, but if you comment like a superstar in those blogs, you can even get pull huge traffic to your blog without any extra work.

Page Rank 7 

  • Copyblogger.com (Only through guest posting)

Page Rank 6

  • quicksprout.com
  • w3blog.dk/
  • weblogtoolscollection.com
  • dailyblogtips.com
  • problogger.net
  • www.currybet.net/
  • www.socialtimes.com/
  • blog.photography.si.edu/
  • interactiondesign.sva.edu/
  • www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/blog/
  • links.org.au/
  • www.searchenginejournal.com
  • www.tripit.com

Page Rank 5

  • www.bluehatseo.com
  • seo-hacker.com
  • www.kikolani.com
  • newcritics.com
  • blog.2createawebsite.com
  • www.animhut.com
  • www.neurosciencemarketing.com/blog
  • basicblogtips.com/
  • www.growmap.com
  • www.bloggingtips.com
  • www.kongtechnology.com
  • www.blogussion.com
  • engineering.curiouscatblog.net/
  • www.comptalks.com
  • www.lauraroeder.com
  • www.myrecycledbags.com
  • forthelose.org
  • www.thevirtualasst.com
  • QuickOnlineTips.com
  • www.eartheasy.com/blog
  • www.midasoracle.org
  • www.seobythesea.com
  • www.searchenginepeople.com

Page Rank 4

  • blogengage.com
  • www.animhut.com
  • freebloghelp.com
  • blondish.net
  • just-ask-kim.com
  • wordpress-websitebuilder.com
  • www.howtospoter.com
  • www.cravingtech.com
  • kaiserthesage.com
  • weblogbetter.com
  • techgyd.com
  • www.famousbloggers.net
  • www.theadventurouswriter.com
  • www.windowstalk.org
  • www.techtricksworld.com
  • www.heartofbusiness.com
  • www.entrepremusings.com
  • www.barbaraling.com
  • theadventurouswriter.com
  • fatfightertv.com
  • communicatevalue.com
  • ariwriter.com
  • stopdropandblog.com
  • www.kimwoodbridge.com
  • www.theemotionmachine.com
  • www.graphicdesignblog.co.uk
  • www.theblog.ca
  • dmiracle.com
  • www.memwg.com

How was it? Try to comment on a daily basis and put valuable comments respective to the niche. Also, stay away from the out-of-the niche blogs to avoid Google Link penalty. So share this post and your comments are highly appreciated.

Did I Miss Something?

Do let me know if I missed your favourite high PR blog. I will try my best to update the post with that. Now, let’s share our predictions about the upcoming Google Page Rank. According to you, When Will Be the Next Google Page Rank Update?