When will be the next PR update? How to increase the page rank? Will the next PR be in May or June? Ohh, I’m fed up with these kinds of questions. Social media sites are flooded up with these queries, aren’t they? Basically, Google Page Rank is nothing but a mystic ranking system which mainly depends upon the authority of a website/blog. The most traditional method to get a high Page Rank is building high-quality backlinks. Here I list out the top PR blogs to comment and gain some handsome traffic as well as a precious back link.

This list starts with PR 7 blog and ends in PR 4 blogs. I have not included PR 3 blogs at all. Hence, you get the maximum for your effort. All these links are checked with this tool and confirmed while posting. Most of these blogs are do-follow and you will get the extra benefits of that as well.

As per the track records and past trends, Google might have initiated  to roll out the latest Page Rank update after the most recent Update in February 4 and I’m sure that most of you, including me, are eagerly waiting to get the green light blinked on the Page Rank status bar. Am I correct? Well, Google Page rank is still considered as the most influential factor to determine a website’s authority though it’s not directly affecting on search engine result positions (SERPs). However, in order to catch the advertisers and guest bloggers, Page Rank plays a vital role undoubtedly.

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I often receive many guest post requests to get published on this blog but the most interesting fact is that, whenever they look into my Page Rank, they stop sending the articles and hence the break-up. This is something very usual but having no Page Rank is certainly a burden and unarguably the most challenging part for a webmaster.

Thus you get start wandering for getting high page rank and most probably, it will end up with great hesitation. Moving beyond without understanding how Page Rank and Google Algorithms work are quite useless and time-consuming. I’m not going to explain how Google calculates Page Rank or quick tips to increase Page Rank as there are hundreds and hundreds of kind articles scattered over the blogosphere, to be precise, on the internet.

Link building ever exists because of the fact that Google seriously considers a website’s/blog’s authority by examining the quality of inbound or outbound links it has. So, getting a high Page Rank without building sufficient high-quality links is a daydream and you are just spoiling your blog’s future.

When it comes to 2013, hell lot things are updated from the Google’s algo dept. and they had modified their ranking schematics continuously in the past 4 months. Hence, occurred huge traffic drop for certain blogs and on the other hand, some have got tremendous benefits from the organic part.

Here I list out some high PR blogs list to build quality backlinks and remember it’s never too late to build them. Google hates comment spamming (seriously) and please be cautious while commenting on these blogs. Never burst shower comments on a particular day as it may lead to blacklisting of your blog. So, do wisely and try to read at least the title of the post before commenting. Nothing unofficial, but if you comment like a superstar in those blogs, you can even get pull huge traffic to your blog without any extra work.

Page Rank 7 

  • Copyblogger.com (Only through guest posting)

Page Rank 6

  • quicksprout.com
  • w3blog.dk/
  • weblogtoolscollection.com
  • dailyblogtips.com
  • problogger.net
  • www.currybet.net/
  • www.socialtimes.com/
  • blog.photography.si.edu/
  • interactiondesign.sva.edu/
  • www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/blog/
  • links.org.au/
  • www.searchenginejournal.com
  • www.tripit.com

Page Rank 5

  • www.bluehatseo.com
  • seo-hacker.com
  • www.kikolani.com
  • newcritics.com
  • blog.2createawebsite.com
  • www.animhut.com
  • www.neurosciencemarketing.com/blog
  • basicblogtips.com/
  • www.growmap.com
  • www.bloggingtips.com
  • www.kongtechnology.com
  • www.blogussion.com
  • engineering.curiouscatblog.net/
  • www.comptalks.com
  • www.lauraroeder.com
  • www.myrecycledbags.com
  • forthelose.org
  • www.thevirtualasst.com
  • QuickOnlineTips.com
  • www.eartheasy.com/blog
  • www.midasoracle.org
  • www.seobythesea.com
  • www.searchenginepeople.com

Page Rank 4

  • blogengage.com
  • www.animhut.com
  • freebloghelp.com
  • blondish.net
  • just-ask-kim.com
  • wordpress-websitebuilder.com
  • www.howtospoter.com
  • www.cravingtech.com
  • kaiserthesage.com
  • weblogbetter.com
  • techgyd.com
  • www.famousbloggers.net
  • www.theadventurouswriter.com
  • www.windowstalk.org
  • www.techtricksworld.com
  • www.heartofbusiness.com
  • www.entrepremusings.com
  • www.barbaraling.com
  • theadventurouswriter.com
  • fatfightertv.com
  • communicatevalue.com
  • ariwriter.com
  • stopdropandblog.com
  • www.kimwoodbridge.com
  • www.theemotionmachine.com
  • www.graphicdesignblog.co.uk
  • www.theblog.ca
  • dmiracle.com
  • www.memwg.com

How was it? Try to comment on a daily basis and put valuable comments respective to the niche. Also, stay away from the out-of-the niche blogs to avoid Google Link penalty. So share this post and your comments are highly appreciated.

Did I Miss Something?

Do let me know if I missed your favourite high PR blog. I will try my best to update the post with that. Now, let’s share our predictions about the upcoming Google Page Rank. According to you, When Will Be the Next Google Page Rank Update?


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  1. Nice list buddy but above list has both follow as well as nofollow blogs list. Though i have commented on a few 🙂
    Nice share.

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks for being here Anurag. I have added both dofollow and no follow but it doesn’t matter for building links unless you wish to crawl your blog there. Keep visiting and do share.

  2. Thanks for the nice list…however i am an regular reader of some of the site listed here like quicksprout and some others……

    • Sid Reply

      Yeah QuickSprout is my favourite blog too. Thanks for the comment and make the most from this. Enjoy.

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks for the word bro. Do build links quickly and all the best for the update.

  3. Thanks for the great compiled list. I am regular reader of techgyd and dint e1 bother to check dat it has high PR!

    • Sid Reply

      Yeah, Sourabh is doing pretty well job in his blog. Thanks for the comment bro. All the best for this update.

  4. Hi Sid,
    As you said, Page Rank is really important for every blogger. I’m expecting for the next Page Rank update. And thanks for the great list 🙂

    • Sid Reply

      Exactly, PR is very essential when it comes to credibility of a blog. All the best bro. Do well and thanks for commenting.

  5. Akhil Pulotil Reply

    Nice list Sid ! 😀
    This list will be very useful as the PageRank Update is near ! 🙂
    Thanks for the post and keep posting 😀

    • Sid Reply

      That’s true Akhil. By perception, pr update is on the way and we’ve to really work for that quickly. Make the best. Thanks for commenting.

    • Sid Reply

      Me too expecting high PR. But it’s quite unpredictable. Btw, just waiting. Thanks for dropping the comment.

    • Sid Reply

      Welcome bro. Let’s hope for a better rank this time. All the best and thanks for commenting.

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks da, actually this post was a sudden decision just after our morning chat and I think it’s on the right time. Do well with these. All the best.

  6. I think most of the blog owners knows when will be next PR. That is why this thing i saw after leave a comment “your comment is awaiting moderation” :P. Think they will approve soon. Hope PR 1 for my blog.

    • Sid Reply

      By default, WordPress doesn’t show a comment just after the submission. The admin needs to review it and approve or reply. This is what you are seeing there. By the way, all the best for your blog for this update bro.

    • Sid Reply

      Most welcome Rajesh bro. Glad it helped you. Make the best from these and hurry. 😀

    • Sid Reply

      Welcome Ambika ji. Do work hard for this update and all the best for this . Thanks a lot for commenting too. 😀

    • Sid Reply

      Sure, work for that and hope Google won’t disappoint us. All the best

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks for stopping by Desmond. We all are fingers crossed and let’s see what happens. All the best. 😀

  7. First of all, thanks for the list! They are definitely a great resource to throw a couple of stones 🙂

    PageRank, though has nothing to do with SERP nor with the quality of a blog, but still is considered one of the most influential factor by advertisers. The amount can be multi-folded when you have good PageRank.

    There were rumors that Google is discontinuing this public PR system, but it appears that Google is pushing it forward by offering regular updates?

    • Sid Reply

      You are most welcome Suresh. We all know PR does nothing when it comes to SERPs competition but what makes the difference is authority. In case, authority can also be refined as the final summation of many factors including PR, hence I said it’s not directly affecting those rankings.

      Yeah, these are rumors and even SEOMoz can’t predict whether Google has started to roll out the update. All we have to do is work from our side and let it come. Right?

    • Sid Reply

      Great to see you her dear. Our blogs are new and we have to do something in this update. All the very best.

    • Sid Reply

      Nice to hear that Harsh bro. Make the maximum and find more blogs too. All the very best for you.

  8. Great post Sid,
    the next Google Pagerank Update should be this month (May), but I still don’t know what is keeping Google waiting from doing the update.
    BTW, Great list you have here bro, thanks for sharing.

    • Sid Reply

      Haha, hope G will hear our roars and update it soon. Thanks for stopping and all the best. 😀

  9. I should say it is an excellent post from you Sid 🙂

    Yeah, agree with your points and getting high quality backlinks is vital for the bloggers as it is directly related with traffic and PR.

    Bloggers used to check the PR of other blogs to submit the guest post and to get good Backlink with it. So they are avoiding the PR0 and PR1 blogs.

    Thanks for the list, will use it effectively!

    • Sid Reply

      First of all, thanks for the comment Nirmala. You’re true. Advertisers and guest authors often avoid low PR blogs and I think at least, through the upcoming update we can perform well. 😀

  10. Hi Sid,
    Well Great list, Good to see all Great blogs here !! Great Collection !! Thanks for sharing !!

    • Sid Reply

      Ya, thanks for the suggestion. One suggestion to you too, don’t use

  11. I just hope Google updates the Pagerank this month itself. Hoping for some positive changes. And thanks for the list., we can certainly utilize it till the next PR update comes along !

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks Harshit. Hope PR would knock the door very soon and all the best. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Great list bro. thanks for sharing it , it is what i was looking for to increase PR of blog. Hope my blog gets PR 2

    • Sid Reply

      Sure Pankaj, if you build at least 50 quality links from these list ASAP, you will definitely get PR 2. All the best and keep visiting. 😀

  13. Once again I’m here to…..to get some cool site to comment:D
    *** highly recommend*** Useful stuff ……thanks once.again 😉

    • Sid Reply

      Haha, happy to see you everywhere. 😛 I’m glad it helped you. Do share and visit often. Thanks Harsh. 😀

  14. Nice list Sid. 🙂 I have started commenting on a few of that blogs, especially dofollow ones. Now I know how you made such an Alexa rank within a short span of time. Keep going bro. 🙂

    • Sid Reply

      Hi hi.You caught it 😛 BTW, I’m actually a lazy guy who don’t like to comment on other blogs but as soon as I realized about the next PR update,I started commenting on them. That’s all. Thanks for commenting. 😀

      • I Like to ask one question, is commenting on no follow blogs helps in the Google Page Rank?

        • Sid Reply

          If you just consider on link building, it never matters whether you are commenting on a do-follow or no-follow blog. But in terms for crwaling effect and other seo benefits, dofollow blogs are best. BTW, to get good PR, just make valuable comments on high PR blogs irrespective of dofollow or nofollow. Got it Kareem?

  15. Hey Bro,
    Thanks for the great list man. I will be very mush thankful to you because I am a new blogger and I want some backlinks too. So, Thanks for it 😀

    • Sid Reply

      Me too a noob Sohil. 😛 By the way, I’m glad to hear your words and let’s hope for this. Thanks for your awesome comment.

  16. Hey Bro,
    Thanks for the list sure it will help you to grow your back links and increase your page rank but have you checked wchingya.com which we can find social media updates sure it will be useful too

    • Sid Reply

      Hi Shameem. I haven’t heard about wchingya but I will try it as soon as possible. Thanks for the tip and do well. 😀

  17. Hey Siddarth,
    The list you’ve posted is awesome are you still blogging from a smart phone? Your blog is now due of its page rank, What is you expected page rank for Techbii?

    • Sid Reply

      Haha, great to see you here Vijesh. Yeah, I’m still doing blogging from my phone and will continue for at least some months. And when it comes to PR, honestly I’m not expecting more than 1 as I’ve never worked for it. Hope I will get some cool rank in the 2nd update. Thanks a lot for commenting.

      • That’s great Sid, you are a passionate blogger.
        So you are expecting page rank 1 lets hope it will be 3.

        • Sid Reply

          Ohh, nice to hear that bro. I’m deeply in love with this blog and that gives me the energy to work more on it though I lack some important resources like PC/ laptop etc. However, thanks for the reply and all the best for your blog too. 😀

  18. Thanks for sharing this wonderful list with us. No doubt Links are the important factor for getting better rank on web. I have bookmarked this post, hope it works out for me.

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks Lalitha for the kind words. Glad you’ve bookmarked it and all the best keep visiting.,

  19. Amazing article… Followed some of the websites to comment on.. Keep it up 🙂 Cheers!!!

  20. You combined two topics that is awesome, both topics are hot specially for pr update by current time. This list of high pr blog create much buzz ;)….By the way Good luck for pr update to all 🙂

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks Mukesh bro. Glad you liked it. All the best to you too. Have fun and keep blogging. 😀

  21. Thanks for the share because i was searching for both List and PR and your blog is quite impressive Awesome .

  22. its very difficult to get an approved comment from copy blogger !ihave been trying this for very long 1 month ! hope so my PR hets updated to 2 or 3 this time !i also own a PR 0 blog ! :):)

    • Sid Reply

      Don’t worry, I’ve got link from copyblogger, thank God. Write an attractive comment and let’s hope. 😀

  23. i am new to blogging ,so please help me to find a way so that i can increase my traffic .i feel so depressed after doing so many efforts but not getting the results.

    • Sid Reply

      Don’t worry bro. Keep posting unique, yet demanding post and maintain consistency. You will taste success soon. 😀

    • Sid Reply

      Always welcome bro. Hope we all get a great rank through this, fingers crossed. 😛

    • Sid Reply

      Haha, hope I get a jump from PR 0 to some cool rank through this update. Thanks for the comment as well bro. 😀

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks Krishna. Yeah, I will be updating this post with no-follow lists too. So, keep visiting and thanks for the suggestion. 😀

  24. Shihabudheen K Reply

    First of all thanks for this post. I have been searching for this fro a long time and i hope everyone make use of this list to have a jump on their page ranks soon.

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks Shihabudheen. The PR update has not updated yet and we still have time to work for it. Hence, better make use of it. Thanks for the comment.

      • Shihabudheen K Reply

        No need to thank , It’s my pleasure commenting on your blog

  25. Sid when you applied for google adsense as I applied with my one month old blog you can see it and i got rejected and can you pls tell me which theme are you using?

    • Sid Reply

      I’m currently using Blogging Cage child theme on Genesis framework. BTW, just re apply man. All the best. Don’t forget to grab some traffic too.

    • Sid Reply

      No one can predict it bro. Google didn’t launch a blog to check the date or the time table. All we can do is to hear the words of Google Men, like Matt Cutts and check ourselves for the rank. All the best and thanks for commenting. 😀

    • Sid Reply

      That’s something bad to hear ;D We all are waiting for the wonderful moment and could see some undesirable changes in some of my friend’s blogs. He lost his PR and dropped to zero. May be it’s a sign of slow update. Thanks for the comment Madan. 😀

  26. Good listing dude. I have commented on some posts already on these sites and hopefully waiting for Google Page Rank update.

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks Munna. It’s great to know that you have already done commenting on some of these sites. Let’s wait for the update then. All the very best and thanks for the comment. 😀

  27. Great list Sid.Some sites are very new to me.Going to comment on them.;)

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks bro. While I was on the research to these sites, most of these sites were quite new to me. So, make the benefit from this. All the best and wish we could get a descent rank this time. Also, kudos for commenting. 😀

  28. thanks for the post Sid !!
    i am also waiting for PR update.
    and we expect more and more articles form you 🙂

    • Sid Reply

      Welcome bro. Nice for being here. I think we all are fed up with the late update but we must wait for it, as it’s an important factor. I will keep providing more stuffs like this. Stay in ouch.

    • Sid Reply

      Nice to see you here Akash. You are most welcome and keep visiting. 😀

  29. Thanks for sharing dofollow PR links. I started building links. I want to know about PR Update.Was it rolled out?

    • Sid Reply

      You are most welcome Rinku. The PR update has not been rolled out yet and we all are working on it. Thanks for the comment. 😀

  30. Thanx Sid for this list, i was going to pay someone to do it for me, found this and you saved my money :p

    • Sid Reply

      Glad I saved your money LOL. Work well and let’s pray for the update. 😀

  31. Thanks for sharing this awesome list for us that will help us to increase our PR in the next update with natural SEO. Hoping for the best for me as you too…

  32. Ravi Verma Reply

    Still Waiting for the update. Still working to get the update and finally I came back from where I started 😉

    • Sid Reply

      Ya I know, all are just shouting their voice against Google for its late PR update. It mainly affects new blogs like TechBii, which has not gained any PR yet. Let’s hope it will update soon. Thanks for commenting bro.

  33. Thanks for sharing dofollow PR links.I think we all are fed up with the late update but we must wait for it

  34. A great resource, thanks for an excellent guide.I have all your guides and I’m excited to read this.

    i enjoyed your blog. Inspired me to keep at it with my blog. I started writing consistently in January and I can see improvement. My dream is to create a e-book and to blog full-time.

    Great post and thank you!

    • Sid Reply

      Great to hear that Sakib. Work hard now and get results later. All the best for your e-book too. 😀

  35. Hi,
    thanks for the list! But I have one question.
    Is the PR of the main domain or the PR of the url which our back-link exists is important?

    What I mean is say the main domain has a PR 6, and actually we are commenting on a page where there might have no any PR. So that PR 6 of the main domain has any effect on our back link?


  36. Bloggers are always hunting such lists, to get backlinks by commenting. And about the Google Page Rank, thats something which cannot be achieved by commenting alone, a lot of other factors are there.

  37. hi Sid,
    excellent list, i have guest blogged for half of them already and am active on most’s comment sections,

    am not a big fan of pagerank, neither am waiting for it, hope Google takes away and closes PR for ever.

    • Sid Reply

      It’s indeed a strange opinion haha. It’s great to hear that you had already done guest post on some of these blogs. 😀

  38. Hi Sid,

    I was looking for this Black links and thanks for wonderful post and helping to new upcoming bloggers.

    Siddhartha SInha

    • Sid Reply

      Hi, glad it helped you to find quality back links and nice to hear your kind words. Thanks for stopping by and stay in touch. 😀

      • Hi Sidharth

        I am using this High rank PR and I am getting good results also.

        I would like to request you to put more high PR ranks of blog.

        Siddhartha Sinha

        • Sid Reply

          Sure bro, I will update the link base whenever I get new high authority links.

  39. Hello Sid,
    Long list of High PR rank sited..Really help me a lot for creating backlinks..
    Thanks for this post…Keep sharing… 🙂 🙂

    • Sid Reply

      Welcome pankaj. Thanks a lot for your time and really appreciate your comment. 😀

    • Sid Reply

      You are right. The late update is really becoming a head ache to many bloggers and most of us are yawning for it as you said. Thanks for your comment. 😀

  40. Hello,

    Well, i heard that Google not consider website PR as much as the quality content.

    So, if i don’t have my blog PR but have quality content, so, should i worried about PR or i should be ok with that.

    Kind Regards,

    • Sure bro, it will definitely help to build authority links to our blog. Make use of it. Thanks for leaving your feedback as well. Stay in touch. 😀

  41. Bookmarked this post, But how can you post your comment on the homepage of any blog? Homepage page rank is a consolidated page rank of that blog/site. We comment on a single post of that blog and it is not always have the same page rank as the blog page rank. Did you get my point sid?

    • Yes I got your point Rakesh. We commonly check a blog’s main page’s PR and it must be better than individual pages. Also, we can’t comment on homepage but we’re lucky if the page we’re going to comment has same PR value as that of homepage. Right?

      • Good Sid, this type of post is must to attract a lots of traffic from search engine. Thanks for posting this list for newbies. Keep in touch

  42. i think Google is in the process of making big changes in their algorithm that’s the reason why they have post pond page rank update. The valuation of page rank is not completely depending on the website overall structure and user engagement. If people are not interesting visiting your website then you will never going get high page rank. Here the content plays vital role in ranking website.

  43. Well if you are anxious of the frequent Google algo updates then I think it would help you better if you prepare and keep your strategies safe all the time.

    • Sayantan Mahato Reply

      Hi Prithvi,

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad that you liked it.

  44. Sid bro Thanks for helping us especially who are nebies u are doing a lot of help to them. May you be blessed!!!:)

  45. Thanks for sharing the informative article. The quality content you have published it is helpful indeed.

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