The competition between who’s the best among Blogger and WordPress has been stiff. Perhaps the competition between the two biggies ain’t gonna end. Why so?

Because both these platforms appeal to different set of audience. As every blogger has different needs and expectations, each blogger has their own reason to choose one over the other.

One of the main reasons people have been choosing WordPress over any other is because of the fact that it comes with a wide and diverse variety of themes to choose from. Theme can change almost the motive of the blog! You can transform a WordPress blog into a e-commerce blog or a mews blog in matter of seconds with the help of themes.


Along with the themes, there is also an arsenal of great and amazing plugins to choose from. There’s plugin to optimize your images, there’s plugins to make your blog faster, plugins for SEO, there are tens of thousands of plugins to choose from.

Many a time, we get instantly attracted by any theme or plugin of any website but unfortunately, we don’t get the name of it. As there are over millions of plugins, its just a waste of time to look over that specific plugin.

Earlier, people used to look for the themes and the plugins through the source code. Theybtry to search for it through the stylesheets or the scripts. But most of the time, the process just fails without giving you the desired results also taking up your precious time.

Here comes to rescue.

It is a great and a free online tool developed by Ultimate Marketing Strategies that will not only help you know the specific ‘unknown’ theme, but also will list out all the plugins being used on the website. It will help you greatly to understand the theme framework of the website.

The only con being that–if the theme is hidden by the admin, then it can’t detect the theme.

How to Detect The Theme

  • First, go to the website–
  • In the blank box, put down the URL of the WordPress website whose theme you want to know.
  • Hit the Check Site Button

And you’re done, as easy as ABCD! You will see all the theme details such as version, author also with a screenshot.

So what do you think of whatwpthemeisthat ? Do let us know in comments.

Image Credits: SmashingMagazine