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WhatsApp for Bada OS–Download and How-To

Founded in 2009, and now with 700 Million strong user base, WhatsApp has been an inevitable app in our lives. And the journey of WhatsApp has been an amazing topsy-turvy ride. I guess most of you are well acquainted with the tale of Whatsapp, but there might be folks who don’t. So here’s a heads up for them.

The founders of WhatsApp wanted to work for Facebook. They applied for the positions at Facebook formally, but their applications got rejected. Disappointed by that, they decided to build their own app–a messenger to connect people. Amazingly, years after Facebook now brought WhatsApp for a whooping 19 Billion Dollars; and the co-founders are now sitting over the board of directors at Facebook HQ!

And WhatsApp hasn’t stop growing, though its growth hampered a bit after the buy-out. Still today, 1 Million new users start using WhatsApp every day. And given it’s wide reach and popularity more than 30 Billion Messages are sent daily! Moreover, 34 Billion Messages are received everyday!

Given its wide reach and popularity, it is available on various OS such as Android, iOS, Windows to name a few.

But Whatsapp had been out of reach for Samsung’s bada users for a long time. So today we share Whatsapp for Bada OS. Bada OS is Samsung’s very own exclusive OS meaning ocean or sea.

WhatsApp for Bada OS

WhatsApp for Bada OS

Most of the basic features remain intact, you can message anyone with WhatsApp, to any group, broadcast a message, have your own status and DP and much more. It comes packed with other advanced features such as sending voice messages, backing up your conversations, and the best part ad-free!

How to Install WhatsApp for Bada OS

  • Download both these files: Download  (JAR File) and Download  (Exe file).
  • Connect your phone to PC with USB and transfer both these files yo your phone.
  • Reboot your phone and install both the files.

And you are done! You have successfully installed Whatsapp on Bada OS. 

Image Credits: CDR.CZ

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