How to Auto Reply to WhatsApp Messages with ‘AutoResponder for WhatsApp’ App


People are busy nowadays messing with everyday obstacles. In addition to this, a plethora of WhatsApp notifications in the morning can really reduce your productivity. One of the most heard complaints from youngsters these days is they can’t really wake up without checking the notification for a few minutes (or hours). Wouldn’t that be great if you could set an auto-responder for common WhatsApp conversations?

Well, that’s possible now! TK Studio has released an Auto-Responder for WhatsApp. With this, you can easily set an auto-reply options to the common Hi-Bye conversation, which doesn’t make any sense. Not just that, you can further customise this app to respond with preset replies to particular contacts, groups or an individual contact.

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‘AutoResponder for WhatsApp’ Features:

  • Auto reply to WhatsApp™
  • Send automated replies to your friends
  • Individually customizable
  • Send replies to all messages
  • React to specific messages
  • Works with groups
  • Set contacts
  • Set delay etc.

This app is currently unreleased, which means; you can download but it might have some bugs in it. However, as far as I tried, most of the fundamental functionalities like the Auto-Reply option, Delayed Reply, Bulk Message replies are working so good.

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Pretty much all of the options are self-explanatory so I don’t think it’s necessary adding a ‘how-to’ setup guide on this. I will be sharing the basic setup guide below, however. Does it require root? Nah! AutoResponder for WhatsApp doesn’t need root access.

How to Setup ‘AutoResponder for WhatsApp’ App

  1. Download and install the app from official Play Store link.
  2. Now open the app and the main screen looks like this: AutoResponder for WhatsApp
  3. From there, tap on the Rules tab to create the presets for auto-replies.AutoResponder for WhatsApp
  4. Once the presets are set, the rules tab looks like this: AutoResponder for WhatsApp
  5. Further customizations can be done by tweaking the Settings option.AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Image Credits: Official App’s screenshots

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I hope you liked AutoResponder for WhatsApp app its features to auto reply to your WhatsApp conversations. Let me know your thoughts on this via comments.

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