What Online Threats Do Businesses Face in 2022?

We all rely on technology a lot more than we did a decade ago. It plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives, whether this is in leisure, entertainment, or work. This article will be focusing mostly on the latter, because as our reliance on technology within the world of work increases, so too does the number of potential threats increase at a similar rate. Therefore, businesses must be doing all that they can to make sure their information stays as secure as possible. This article will dive into more detail about what some of these common online threats are.


Hackers are a branch of cyber criminals who attempt to gain unauthorised access to digital devices. They will seek to compromise several digital services which include phones, computers, tablets, and even entire networks. There are several different motives that hackers have, whether this is personal gain, to make a wider statement, or merely because they can. Either way, it is something your business needs to be prepared against.

There are several ways you can prepare your organization, so the risk of hackers is not as prominent. Using encrypted communication technology is always a good idea, and if this appeals to you, you can visit ghostchat.net for PGP encrypted phones.

Your business could even hire ethical hackers, who are going to attempt to hack into your devices and software but not for malicious reasons, but instead, to point out whether or not you have any flaws in your current system.


Phishing is a very common form of cyberattack that a lot of businesses will face. They are quite effective because, when done right, they can look legitimate and be almost impossible to tell apart from an actual work email. In them, you will receive an email from a supposed co-worker or client, with a link to provide some information for a problem they have or a query they need answering. This link is fake and the information you provide will be used to gain access to your systems.

You need to be sure when you are receiving emails whether you were expecting to receive such a link, and if not, maybe enquire whether the source looks legitimate to you. Taking a moment to assess the situation can go a long way in preventing online threats.

Password Attacks

There are a lot of cyber criminals who will make many attempts to work out what your password is and then gain access to information as a result of that. You need to ensure that you have a strong password in place to stop such attacks from happening. This means using symbols, numbers, and the use of higher and lower case letters. You should also make sure that you are changing your password every 90 days, as this will also contribute to making it a lot more secure and ensuring that these attacks don’t happen. Preparation is certainly easier than the cure in these instances.

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