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It’s easy to set up a t-shirt business with all the tools available these days, but can you make money with print on demand? The answer is definitely yes.

Print on demand continues to grow, and those who have the skills for marketing and graphic design can make a lot of money by choosing this method. Of course, you do not have to have both skills.

There are freelance designers who could become your partner if you know the market and vice-versa. But what makes print on demand such a great choice? It just so happens that there are quite a few advantages.

Advantage #1 – Freedom for Creativity

Some graphic designers have limited options when they are working for a company. It is the same thing over and over five days a week. Not having an opportunity to express yourself can become a shackle that might lead to big problems along the line.

On the other hand, when you are working on a personal project, such as a print on demand store, you can thrive as a creator and establish an environment that is not suffocating your personality and is boosting creative confidence.

Advantage #2 – Opportunities to Establish Relationships

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Working with print on demand will mean that you get opportunities to establish a network of connections. It starts with suppliers and people you might hire down the line – SEO agencies, marketers, freelance graphic designers, and influencers that will advertise your brand on their channels.

Establishing a good relationship with other people is necessary for the future, as you will want to scale the business and raise brand awareness.

Advantage #3 – No Worries About Inventory

Inventory management is one of the biggest downsides when you are running a brick and mortar store. There are no guarantees that you are going to sell everything in the required amount of time. Moreover, someone has to be in charge of monitoring everything consistently since even a slight mistake could snowball out of control and lead to a lot of issues.

Sure, there is software that automates some processes, but when you have an option not to bother with the inventory as you are in the position of a middleman.

Advantage #4 – Lack of Big Investments

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Continuing with the point about not needing to worry about the inventory, there are practically no investments that would require a lot of money. You need a website, a domain name, and ideas for custom merchandise.

You can look to invest some funds in marketing and search engine optimization when the business starts to pick up later, but worrying about such things when you are starting is not necessary.

Advantage #5 – Chance to Scale the Business

If you are looking to develop a project which is not limited by the profit ceiling, print on demand is a good candidate. You can scale business by increasing the website traffic and raising brand awareness so that more and more people are aware of what you are selling.

Establishing authority is difficult as there are companies who have already made a name for themselves and are in front of you. Nevertheless, if you are consistent and stick to the plan, only the sky is your limit.

Of course, thinking about such grand things is not something to bother with at first. But when you notice that you have hit a wall, look to start writing a blog and cooperate with other brands, especially influencers on social media.

Advantage #6 – Automation of Most Processes

When you are past the initial process of setting the store, most of the processes involving the maintenance are automated. That leaves you more time to spend on marketing and optimization, as well as creating new designs.

Advantage #7 – Variety of Products

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Most people start with one product idea, such as t-shirts. It is easier at first because you might not have the resources to create product pages for multiple types of merchandise.

However, once the business starts to grow, you can introduce more than just t-shirts. Mugs, hoodies, calendars, phone cases, key chains, and anything else that has a space for a print on it can sell. Not to mention that introducing new products will keep things fresh and help with scaling the store and bring more profits.

Advantage #8 – Money Saved on No Employees

For the most part, you can run the store yourself without relying on anyone else. Not having to pay employees a full salary means that you are the biggest beneficiary of the business.

Sure, there might be instances when you are hiring a graphic designer or someone who can create a successful marketing campaign. But when you compare the expenses that companies spend on paying their employees, print on demand is an attractive option.


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