What is the Deep Web? Everything you Need to Know!

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2017)

You might not have heard this term ‘deep web’ before. But the deep web is an unusual place on the internet which is beyond the access of many. It consists of a whole lot of information which cannot be accessed or found on the regular internet that you use. The regular browsers that people use to browse various websites are not capable enough to browse into the depths of the deep web. There is a lot of dark stuff to be found here. You need some prior knowledge along with cautioned approach to get into deep web. By now, you must be wondering what is the deep web? So let us explain to you exactly what is the deep web.

So what is the deep web?

The deep web is a hidden web which consists of scattered information from different sources. This information is presented as one and is hence inaccessible by Normal browsers. You need special browsers to go into the world of the deep web. According to various resources, only 4% of the web can be explored by normal browsers, whereas the rest 96% is the deep web, to be accessed by specially designed browsers. The deep web is not meant for the general public and it consists of various illegal information and unlicensed matter. So now that you know what is the deep web, you must be wondering how to access it. Let’s know about that now.

How can one access the deep web?

Now that you know what is deep web, you will want to know how to access it. Accessing the web is not so easy. Your normal browsers which include the likes of Firefox and Chrome etc. cannot go through into the deep web. So for accessing the deep web, you need to use specifically designed browsers such as the Tor browser. The Tor browser is one of the best yet safest browsers to access the deep web. It comes with preconfigured settings within it. It hides you IP and makes it nearly impossible for anyone to detect your identity on the web. The browser can be easily downloaded from its website. It is available for free.

Are there other steps to access the deep web?

Now, you know what is the deep web but there are other steps to know before you access it. Yes, there are some other steps to know for accessing the deep web as well. One of the most common ways amongst these is by using a VPN. The basic use of VPN is to hide your identity and keep you anonymous. It is very important to maintain your privacy, security as well as anonymity while you are accessing the deep web. So it is a very important step to use a VPN connection before you start your venture into the deep web. Using the VPN will hide your real identity. You will be provided with a proxy web server through which you can access the deep web.

What information is available on deep web?

In the quest to know what is the deep web, one major thing to know is the information available on it. As mentioned before, deep web is a source of various illegal information and unlicensed products. There are a number of things which can be found on the deep web. These include unlicensed weapons, access to secretive documentation of the government, credit card information of other people, porn clips, Hitman who can be hired, match fixers, traffickers, kidnappers, and hackers. This apart, you can even hire burglars and thieves to do some crime for you. As we said, it is a very dangerous place and a whole lot of criminals are available here. So you need to be really careful while you access this deep web.

What tips should you follow on the Deep web?

As you must have noted by now, the Deep web is a really vast and dangerous place. Although your identity is kept secret here if you are using Tor browser, still there is a great risk and danger while accessing the deep web. Many criminals and unlicensed products are available here so you need to take a cautioned approach while you browse through the Deep Web. There are many things which need to be taken care of. The more knowledge you have, the more aware you are, the better it is for you. Some of the basic tips which you need to take care of while accessing the deep web are mentioned below –

  • Don’t click on Suspicious Links – Clicking on suspicious links can leak your crucial information. These links are generally the traps to steal information from people. Hence, you should try to avoid opening them and stay safe. This will protect your personal information from getting leaked to the websites made to fool people on the deep web.
  • Try to avoid making payments through the credit cardDo not make any payments on the deep web through your credit card. Your important information could be stolen and transactions can be made from your leaked details. This can be hefty for you. So try to be safe and don’t use credit cards.
  • Don’t indulge in any criminal activity – There is a host of criminals and other unlicensed products available on the deep web. You must try to stay away from those and not indulge in any criminal activity which could land you in trouble in the future. The deep web is full of criminals and the worst part is that the security agencies hardly have any clue about it.
  • Use directories to browse safely – You will not get links to surf the deep web from Tor browser. You need to find those links and the best directory for it is Hidden Wiki. Here you can find many URL’s which end with .onion extension. These can be accessed by the Tor browser and are safe to use. You cannot access the websites ending with .onion extensions on a normal browser.

The Last Words

So in this article, we came to know exactly what is the deep web? We came to know what all things are available on it and how we can access it through the help of VPN Services and Tor browser. We learnt how we can keep ourselves safe while accessing the deep web. Since the deep web is a land of criminals, we need to be extra careful and cautioned in our approach. We need to follow the steps and instructions mentioned above to keep ourselves safe from leaking our information and indulging in any sort of criminal activities.

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  • I never knew there was anything like deep web. I swear the internet is full of surprises and I wonder what those who claim to be gurus really know. This is quite informative and has helped me learn a new thing that i did not know. I also never new of the Tor browser and now I can easily access a deep web with the help of the VPN services that I have. Thanks a whole lot, looking forward to learning much more from this site.

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