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Social media is playing an essential role in the success of many businesses these days. Whatever your industry is and whoever your audiences are, you can bank on social network platforms for your business growth. Either you have a physical location, or purely online, you need a social media presence to pivot in the competitive business landscape.

Social media can be beneficial as it can expand your reach, establish your brand authority, build your community, and strengthen your place in your industry. It can even support your website and integrate with your other marketing strategies. Leveraging on social media can be an excellent way to send your message across your target audience, capture their interest, and win them as your paying and loyal customers.

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Therefore it is vital to know the various social media platform available in the market today. This strategy can be your ticket to become successful in your social media marketing campaigns.

Different Social Media Platforms You Can Consider For Your Brand

Building your social media marketing campaign is not valid if you will not get to know the different social media channels available. To help you, here are the most prominent and most used social media in the market today.

1. Facebook

Number of monthly active users: 2.60 billion

Average daily active users: 1.73 billion

At the end of the quarter for 2020, Facebook reported that it has 2.60 billion monthly active users and 1.73 billion users per day. These counts make Facebook the most used social media platform globally. It still takes the lead among all social media channels. It would be rare to find or meet someone who does not own a Facebook account or did hear about the social media network.

Facebook is one of the great choices for your business, as it has a broad appeal. You can even assume that almost everyone in your customer base owns a Facebook account. This platform gives you many opportunities to bring your business to the public. You can create a page, a community group, or post your product on the marketplace. It is super easy to create an account or page on Facebook and does not require any fee.

Though some are already having doubts on this platform in building a brand yet, this social media platform can be useful in promoting your business and showcasing your offerings. It still a great avenue to launch promotional activities. You can post photos of your services and videos that can capture your audience’s attention. You can also do contests or giveaways that can drive engagement. Live video streaming on this channel can address any question or elicit interaction with your audience in real-time.

2. Instagram

Number of monthly active users: 1 billion

Average daily active users: 500 million

With average users of 500 million each day, Facebook’s Instagram is also one of the best social media platforms that you can use for your business. Statistics show that there are around 25 million businesses on Instagram as of January this year.

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that makes it a visual feast among users. Upload an image of your sumptuous burger offerings or aesthetic fashion apparel, and it can capture the attention of your desired audience. Many Instagram users are under 25 years old, making it a perfect social media network for businesses that caters to these demographics. With features like Shoppable Posts, IG stories, and filters, it is a sure way to capture your desired audience’s attention.

3. YouTube

Number of monthly active users: 2 billion

Average daily active users: 30 million

Video marketing is considered the king of contents by many digital marketing experts. Many people are hooked on YouTube, making it the second-largest search engine next to Google. While you can find a wide range of videos on YouTube, it does not mean that any of your promotional videos will not thrive.

Many searches on this social media platform are about product reviews, which is vital for consumers before making any purchase. Many rely on instructional videos before choosing the brand that they want to acquire. Thus, YouTube can become an asset in your online marketing campaigns. You can easily incorporate your uploaded videos on YouTube on your other social media platforms. And don’t forget to get more audience with YouberUp, which achieves fast and free YouTube subscribers & views.

4. Twitter

Number of monthly active users: 330 million

Average tweets sent daily: 500 million

Twitter is one of the purest forms of social media, yet one of the most effective in building your brand persona. Many brands are found in this platform as it has also millions of users engaged each month.

Though Twitter is not as broad as other social media platforms, it remains one of the influential social media sites. Compared to Instagram and YouTube, Twitter is not visually appealing. It only uses characters, and you can only use up to 280 characters to portray your message.

Leaning on this social media platform means you have to be interesting enough so you can capture your target audience. You also have to share informative and meaningful content so you can establish your authority with your market.

When people start noticing you and recognize you as a leader in your industry with your tweets, they can retweet your message or post and let their followers see it. It can become an opportunity to reach and appeal to a broader audience.

5. LinkedIn

Number of monthly active users: 310 million

If the other social media platforms can appeal to any audience and can be used in a diverse market, LinkedIn is more on the formal and professional side. LinkedIn is a community of business owners, executives, top tier management officers, and professionals worldwide. LinkedIn works best if you want to connect to B2B or business-to-business instead of B2C or end-user customers. Through LinkedIn, you can connect with decisional makers of companies making it easier to establish your brand to your clients.

Bonus: Pinterest

Number of monthly active users: 335 million

Like Instagram, Pinterest takes advantage of the visual appeal to users. It has been in the market for years now, and it is gaining traction recently. It has around 335 million active users monthly and mostly used now as a platform where people find answers and solutions in a visual form.

Most users find it appealing as you do not need to look for another link to visit the site associated with the photo that has captured their attention. All they need to do is tap your pinned picture, and it will directly lead them to your webpage containing the associated content.

As a business owner, this is a great way to maximize your materials as you do not need to create another content just for this social media platform. All you need to do is find a catchy image on your content, pin it, and let Pinterest do the work for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are new in social media marketing, it may be tempting to create a profile on all of these social media platforms. While no one will tell you that it is incorrect to do so, it will not be a wise move. Digital marketing experts suggest that for you to attain success in your social media campaigns, you need to identify first your target audience and find the social media channel they are using. In this way, you can bank on the social media platform where your audience can be found and can maximize the potential of your efforts and resources.



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