Most businesses and enterprises are now fully relying on web-based platforms. With the growing popularity of the web-world, many institutions and organizations have started using the advanced software and tool to keep the data of their organizations secured.

Every now and then we come across to know about the hacking of websites and stealing of users’ data. Some hackers take advantage of online banking of the users as well. Hackers are using highly advanced tools and new techniques to breach the security of your systems and that’s the reason why you should pay enough attention to the security of your website’s data.

Cybersecurity is important for every website to keep things secured. If you are a startup or a well-established enterprise, then there is an advanced Cyberspace Search Engine tool for you named Spyse. This new tool is there to help the enterprises and startups build a secure and safe infrastructure by following the previous data of the hackers and their techniques.

What is Spyse?

Spyse is the latest platform designed to decrease the number of Cybercrimes done on the web-world. It is an important platform for every web user and security engineers to know the behavior and techniques used by hackers and Internet attackers.

Their aim is to minimize the cybercrimes by offering a safe and secure environment for the startups and organizations with which they can build a safe infrastructure for the future. It also helps the regular Internet users to know the potential threats from the websites, to understand the designs and behaviors of the websites and their functionalities. In a nutshell, they are building a fully secured and safe platform for every web user.

What do they do?

This platform is designed with the latest development and OSINT techniques to scan the Internet world and to gather useful data from the websites. Their database is constantly increasing as the search engine scans for new websites and new data regularly. With regular scanning of the websites, it makes it easier for the new users to get quicker results when they search for something on this Search Engine.

What kind of data do they offer?

Since the platform scans and collects data regularly from the web, it offers almost all types of data such as

  • Domains and Subdomains with their descriptions, SSL/ TSL certificates, DNS records etc. They also hold the largest subdomain database which is why it is considered as the best subdomain search engine on the web world.
  • IPv4 hosts with Geodata, domains on IP, ISP etc. with open ports for services and protocols.
  • SSL/ TSL Certificates with their types and the info of the issuers or providers on the domains and subdomains
  • DNS records
  • Autonomous Systems with much more interesting data such as the number of organizations, type of domain on AS and much more.
  • Whois information to check the authority of the websites with so many important information of a particular domain.
  • The same platform will provide more information and functionality of the domains in the next few months after completing its beta testing.

How these data can be useful?

The aim behind developing this search engine to provide a safe and secure infrastructure for the developers, cybersecurity engineers and other web enthusiasts. Pentesters can find out potential vulnerabilities on the websites and their behaviors easily and many other professionals can also make the most of the collected data easily.

Security Engineers and Pentesters

The aim behind this platform is to provide safe infrastructure for the Pentesters and Security Engineers to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It also shows the details about the open subdomains and technical details about the main domains.

With the use of AS lookup feature, they can see the details about the autonomous systems and their networks. You can also use this platform to test out the security of your own network just by entering the details to the given search field.

SSL/ TLS Certificate Distributor

If you are an SSL or TLS Certificate distributor, then you can easily get to know the domains where the certificates are hosted along with their expiry dates and other useful information from this platform. It also helps you to know the security of the existing certificates and offer some great offers to the customers by fetching their information.

Business Analysts

If you are a business analyst, then you can get to know about the competitors and their new techniques. You can also explore their personal strategies and business model which you can implement to improve your productivity in the field.

Website Owners

This platform shows the data of the website owners, their existing certificates and what type of subdomains they are using along with the main domain. It shows you with proper search results of the subdomains and their contents.

It is essential for you to keep the same level of security to your subdomains as it is the main path to breach the security of your website.

In a nutshell, Spyse is there for web users of different fields and organizations. Anyone can make use of this Search Engine to collect the data and to make use of those data for their productivity and growth.

What’s next?

The team is constantly working to provide the best of their services to each and every user of the platform. We had the privilege to speak to the team and they have shared some information on their upcoming features. Let’s check them out now!

January Update

In January 15-th will be a full release from beta testing to the complete service. They will expand their database, change search algorithms and add lots of features like:

Spyse Security Scoring: Based on data evaluation and analysis of the network infrastructure features, you are able to get a vulnerability assessment score of any target in minutes

Spyse Search: They are implementing a unique flexible search as no one ever did before. It’s an awesome opportunity to save your time and get better results from just a recon stage. Basically it’s a search for all network entities. For example, you can make a search on all ports which have specific technology, version and many other specifications to make your results more precise.

Penetration Testing Opportunities: By using the collected data, spyse gives a full understanding of penetration testing opportunities of the target. You will be able to check every detail of the target from server info(ports, banners, technologies) to routing details and relations between different infrastructures.

Spyse SaaS Solution:

Spyse SaaS is a full monitoring and analytical service to protect and improve your security posture.
The main feature of this SaaS solution is monitoring. It will help you determine all the possible vulnerabilities in time so you could take necessary security measurements before hackers get to you.

Final Words:

Currently, Spyse is being operated by a small team of web enthusiast and developers. They have made an incredibly useful product for to tackle down the Cyberattacks with their latest Cyberspace Search Engine.

They are constantly working on the side to improve their services and also committed to bring new security products in the coming months. They are open for feedbacks and suggestions. If you have anything to share, go to their Twitter’s DM and write it down there!





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