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1. Difference In Purpose 1

2. Difference In Academics! 1

3. Difference In Structure 2

4. Difference In Word Count 2

5. Proposal Or No Proposal? 2

6. Which Is More Challenging? 2

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If you are in your undergraduate program and wondering what is different between dissertation vs. thesis, then it is excellent that you are questioning ahead. Although both are similar to an extent, they differ a lot in their purpose. Before we delve into the details, let’s just say the thesis is an easier version of a dissertation. That is why students mostly require dissertation help UK style.

Difference In Purpose

Your thesis is half of what you will be writing in a dissertation. This is because a thesis is not precisely your contribution to the scholarly world. While a dissertation is your set of ideas and information, a thesis is simply a reflection of what you have learned in your degree program. Therefore, both terms serve a different purpose. However, the qualification level for writing a dissertation is entirely different from the thesis.

Difference In Academics!

The difference in academics for dissertation vs. thesis is straight forwards. A thesis is submitted in the undergraduate program, while your dissertation is a part of your Ph.D. In a dissertation, students are required to add their knowledge and discoveries. That is why a dissertation is more complicated than a thesis.

Difference In Structure

Where the dissertation and thesis sound almost the same, structuring is where they significantly differ. Your thesis is like a research paper you are familiar with in your undergraduate program. It is structured to teach students the art of critical thinking and how to ponder upon a lingering problem. Many students add their own thoughts and ideology to it and end up losing marks. Contributing knowledge, building hypothesis, and crafting a theory are all parts of a dissertation. It is a comprehensive paper, where it’s your time to shine. That is why all the information in a dissertation is attributed to the author.

Difference In Word Count

Finally, there is a significant difference in the word count of both papers. A thesis is subjected to be at a length of 100 pages. This is to show your skills in expanding a problem and its analysis. However, a dissertation is supposed to be three times the length of a thesis. Nevertheless, an ideal word count is always communicated by your instructor. The instructor would also act as a guide for your dissertation and assist you whenever you are stuck.

Moreover, a thesis and dissertation differ on the levels of assistance. During your thesis writing period, you will not be assisted exclusively by an instructor. However, writing a dissertation requires help. This help would be provided by your instructor or, in some cases, by your research committee.

Proposal Or No Proposal?

Since the length of a dissertation is much more than of a thesis, it is required by the institute to have students submit a dissertation proposal before starting. This proposal consists of all the relevant knowledge regarding your topic, including literature review, methodology, topic name, and a discussion in some cases. However, for a thesis, it is not compulsory to send a proposal. Since a thesis is only research on previous work, the restrictions and guidelines are not very stringent.

Which Is More Challenging?

While both the comprehensive papers are equally tricky. The dissertation has the upper hand because your graduation depends on it. Since it is an integral part of your Ph.D., you won’t be considered qualified unless your dissertation is accepted. This raises the bar for students, and extra efforts are required to meet the rigid requirements of your institute.

Ending Note!

In a side by side comparison dissertation would effortlessly take the win in terms of length, difficulty, and effort. However, writing a compelling dissertation is not possible without writing a thesis. This barrier is because you have to analyze different thesis in the literature review of your dissertation. If you don’t know the fundamentals of thesis writing and understanding, your dissertation will become more challenging.


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