What is a Progressive Web App and What Are its Benefits for Websites?


In today’s business-centric world, it is very important to be successful, and for that, a good customer base is a priority. Magento eCommerce stores should make it a top priority to reach out to customers who prefer to shop on their phones. There are numerous methods of appealing to mobile users, but PWA in Magento 2 is the latest trend. It is evident that mobile commerce is booming these days, and most online purchase completion happens using a mobile device. For making customers more comfortable while making a purchase, the Magento 2 PWA is an important implementation.

What is PWA?

A website and a native app together are “progressive web apps. with improved UI and UX, quick loading, and a search engine discoverability feature. So, it is a web app that offers a user experience that is similar to that of a native application. Furthermore, it accepts push notifications much like native apps. The modest memory usage of PWAs is a result of their core nature as webpage shortcuts.

A Progressive Web App is a web application that uses web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moreover, to provide a fantastic user experience that resembles native apps, the use of these technologies is necessary. More specifically, PWA can operate similarly to a native app, including having an icon on the mobile home screen, a splash page, full-screen mode, push notifications, and other features.

There are some differences between a native app and a PWA, as mentioned below:

·        PWA runs with the help of mobile browsers and is available on both iOS and Android. Furthermore, app usage is possible with one particular operating system (iOS or Android).

·        Native app downloading is possible from an app store. However, PWA can be rapidly installed after it we add it to the home screen.

·        To get the most recent versions of native apps, users must visit their app stores. Moreover, PWA updates are possible by just refreshing the page.

·        Store owners find it simpler to market and advertise PWAs than native apps because PWAs run directly in a web browser. PWAs operate on-demand without using up the device’s RAM as native apps do.

The Advantages of PWA for eCommerce Store


Rendering on the client side enables this when a user accesses a Magento 2 PWA. The customer’s browser sends an API request to the server, which responds with HTML and a link to JS files when a user tries to access PWA. Without dynamic content, the browser creates page templates. When the user opens other pages, the cached versions of these templates already exist. To reduce server load and increase speed, the backend only delivers the necessary data.

The App Is Small

You must have noticed how many apps on your phone go unused. They also use up a lot of storage space, forcing you to discard other files. When customers only come into the store once a month, or even less frequently, it means they will uninstall the app. Furthermore, after placing an order, they will undoubtedly uninstall the app if they are not visiting the app. Therefore, all the work put into creating a native app is for nothing if customer retention is not possible. PWAs don’t require as much memory to operate. PWAs sizes are kilobytes, whereas native apps are in megabytes.

Adding to Home Screen Function

Using the features of PWA, order placement is possible on the website. Afterward, saving the same on the desktop is possible. Usually, there is an option for adding to the home screen using which this feature is possible.

PWA Gives the Feel of an App

PWAs are fast and provide a user with an exceptionally great experience. So, in other words, we can say that the PWAs feel like apps only. If the users are having a good experience, then they are bound to come back. The PWA is not just one app; it can be a collection of great features from multiple apps.


The feature of sending notifications keeps the customers engaged. Sometimes, when they abandon their cart, push notification sending is possible. The overall sales growth will increase if the PWAs are effective. The shoppers who are already subscribed will receive a notification on their home screen.

Low Budget Set Up

A lot of licensing costs for developers’ accounts and other cost savings are possible. You do not need to hire separate Android and iOS teams for the development of the app. The PWA is not as costly as the apps, so these are better options if considered.

In the End

From the above discussion, it is clear that PWA is better than native apps as well as websites for Magento 2. If you need to know more about PWA, then kindly connect with us at [email protected] Also, if you have an interest in any other module of ours, we will be happy to assist you. We also provide custom development if you have any specific business needs. Please revert to us if you seek our assistance.

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