What Are the Top 5 Mini PCs Money Can Buy in 2022?


If you are looking to buy a mini PC you will want to find the make and model that ticks as many boxes as possible. It could be that you are looking for something basic and want a so-called bare-bones kit that you can customize. Alternatively, your preference might be for a mini PC that has all the necessary components such as memory installed, OS, and RAM.

Here is a look at the best mini PCs around right now with a summary of some of their standout features to help you decide which one best fits your budget and requirements.

This Geekom model offers plenty of bang for your buck

The Geekom IT8 mini PC fully deserves its place in the top five list. It offers a fully assembled solution that packs everything into a tiny case. The price is quite small too. But that doesn’t mean you are compromising on quality or features.

This very compact desktop model still manages to offer a good number of ports and still has room for internal expansion, despite its size. The model is a full system complete with RAM and storage.

ECS Liva Q3 Plus is great for media streaming

This is another model that punches above its weight. Don’t be fooled by its size, the ECS Liva Q3 is very capable and offers a great solution if you think you will be doing a fair amount of media streaming.

As well as smooth 4K streaming, other notable features include multitasking capabilities in Windows, and it delivers notably quiet operation too.

An INTEL model aimed at Pros

Next on the list is the Intel NUC 11 Pro Kit. The box promises state-of-the-art features and performance and it manages to live up to its promise with a price tag that is fair for what you are getting.

The minimalist design will appeal to design-conscious users and you get a lot of CPU for the size of the unit and the price you pay. Another great feature is that the NUC 11 Pro Kit can support as many as four direct-connected displays.

Asrock offers one of the best bare-bones options

If you are a cost-conscious buyer the Asrock DeskMini X300 is surprisingly capable. It is a small-footprint desktop with decent graphics capabilities for the money.

Some notable points to know about this model include the fact that it is a low-cost option that is easy to build out and is capable of hosting a lot of storage, as many as four drives, in fact.

This Dell model offers a performance that belies its size

The final mini PC on the list is the Dell Precision 3240 Compact. Notably, it can deliver up to 10-core Xeon power and the Quadro RTX graphics are another notable feature.

When you see how compact this powerful mini PC is you may find it hard to appreciate the extent of its capabilities. You soon find out though when you power it up.

Whichever mini PC model you choose. This list offers a good choice where you should be able to get a model that delivers on performance as well as price.

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