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It takes time before you can settle on a particular brand of a watch as your favorite because all brands almost look attractive.

In as much as any type of watch be it expensive or cheap will show the same time zone, never forget that as a man you need class and elegance. An average man doesn’t show up to a meeting wearing a watch, and this is your chance of not choosing to become average!

Moreover, you don’t have to be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg so as to get a watch that depicts who you really are. Companies like Nomos are here to make sure that everyone is treated equally thanks to its wide variety of watches to choose from.

So, when you are shopping for a watch, what are some of the aspects to look out for? Well, they include but not limited to, the following:

  • What is your Budget?

Of course, you wouldn’t walk yourself to an online store if you don’t have a budget for the watch. So, what are you planning to spend? Remember, watches range from prices and you can get a good watch without having to spend a fortune. However, we are not limiting you. Who said you can’t buy a watch like a Saudi Prince?

Either way, make sure that you don’t strain much pocket-wise. You shouldn’t also be afraid to invest your money in a nice piece of the watch because you can treat it as an asset if it really has value. For instance, the value of a golden watch cannot depreciate and so, you can guess.

  • Manual or Automatic?

There are two types of watches according to their movement. Here, we can advise you depending on your nature of work or style o dressing. If you love to keep it casual, or your job involves so much fieldwork that need accurate timings a digital watch will suffice.

On the other hand, a manual watch depicts the luxury that you can expect in white-collar jobs. If you are a suit man then you must not lack a manual watch in your closet. As for the time format, a digital watch will do much because you can easily switch to either a twenty-four-hour format or twelve-hour format.

  • Water Resistance

I guess you would appreciate it if you could swim without having to remove your watch, so get a water-resistance enabled watch.

  • Material

For material, if it has some steel coating then you have to make sure that it is stainless. As for leather straps, buy a watch that is made of treated leather. To make sure that you don’t land a fake material, you must only buy from trusted companies.

  • Do you Trust the Vendor?

Lastly, the use of the internet has grown, something that has promoted e-commerce with fashion online stores sprouting everywhere. So, when you are sourcing a watch, make sure that you trust a vendor. Some watches are so expensive and the pain of losing your hard-earned money to fraud is real. so, please be careful when dealing with an online vendor.


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