What are the differences between the two Ethereum coins?


The world of cryptocurrencies is changing rapidly, sometimes you don’t even have time to follow updates and important events. Not only for beginners, but even for experienced users, it is sometimes difficult to understand different nuances, especially if you miss some time. Therefore, it is worth seriously understanding between the “classic” and “regular” versions, knowing the cost and understanding where the market is moving. By the way, you can do this at https://cryptotracker.com/price/ethereum-classic.


To date, they show good compatibility with each other. It is important that the “regular” coin is focused on creating secure contracts, but at the same time it is very open to developers, which in turn is the main task of the currency.

At the same time, Ethereum Classic is open to creating more complex encryption, which is partly sacrificing the developer base.

Development features

In Ethereum, all decisions on the currency are made only at the request of the community, which is then certified by the Ethereum Foundation and implemented. As for the Classic option, decisions on it are made thanks to three disparate teams, taking into account the opinions of users.

The disadvantage of this option is the poor coordination of teams, which gives rise to many stops in the work. Nevertheless, the system is now working quite stably.

Blockchain mutability

Ethereum is the kind of blockchain that changes, but only after agreement with the majority of users. The Classic variant is static in this sense, so there is no room for change, regardless of the opinion of the community.

Transaction speed

It is also different for both electronic currencies, although they are similar to each other in terms of the way information is processed. In the first case, the average processing time is 25 seconds, and this indicator promises to be reduced thanks to several updates that are designed to simplify the process of conducting transactions, increase their speed, and at the same time maintain the proper level of security.

As for the Classic option, the speed of its transactions is only 14 seconds. Updates are also planned for this currency, as a result of which the transaction processing speed will remain approximately at the same level or decrease to 10 seconds, which will allow users to enjoy all the benefits of the currency even more conveniently.


The currencies have different electronic community meeting points where they make their proposals and discuss the changes that have already appeared. It cannot be said that one of the specialized forums is better and gives simpler feedback, so they are equivalent.

Block capacity

For Ethereum, this indicator is very important and amounts to about 500,000 transactions per day to fill blocks. This may result in higher transaction fees. The issue of expanding the number of blocks can be resolved thanks to another update that has not yet been finally confirmed, so everything will depend on the users.

The Classic variant has a lot of free space in the blocks, so problems with increasing transaction costs for users are not yet expected.

Today, both currencies are equally promising, so it can be difficult for a potential investor to decide on the chosen option for investments. It is also worth noting the fact that Ethereum is more attractive in terms of investment due to the possibility of frequent changes agreed with users.

The Classic option is preferred because:

  • transaction speed is very high;
  • there are quite enough blocks to fill, which allows you to keep the cost of the transaction at a quite reasonable level.

Both currencies trade very well on the exchanges, so it is worth making your choice in favour of one or the other currency option, although it is possible to purchase both versions of this electronic product so that later you can use all the benefits of such an investment.

As for mining, it is still relevant for both currencies, so you can get coins at your disposal not only after buying on the exchange, but also after self-mining.

Analysts say that over time, the value of both currencies will only grow due to the high level of their implementation, decentralization, numerous startups that use it, and a number of other advantages that make both currencies useful and in demand, and therefore attractive for investment.

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