Online slots have become more mainstream today than ever before. Initially, most slots online were not operating legally, hence posing a higher risk of financial loss to the players. Even the branded slots were operating without a license – check out

For legalising online gambling, acquiring a license for a slot, especially the branded ones, was made compulsory for the developers eventually. This article is all about the licensed slots and if they are suitable for you or not.

Licensed Slot Explained

All slots based on some famous movie, musical band, or other things of a similar sort are called branded slots. If a developer wishes to base a slot on any of these famous themes, they need permission from the owner as a formal license. Hence, when these slots are launched finally, they are also known as licensed slots.

Licensed slots have become a niche in the online gambling industry and have gained a huge fan following due to the popular themes they are based on. But how can you determine if these slots will suit your taste or not? Let’s compare the pros and cons of licensed slots to find out.

  • Licensed or branded slots bring you all the fun you can expect from a good slot game, all powered by the theme based on your favourite celebrity, movie, music band, etc. These slots give you the feeling of being a part of the theme itself as you proceed through the game. Moreover, their payouts are amazing, which is a must to keep up with the reputation of the branded themed used in the slot.
  • The major downside of licensed slots is that they can disappear from the gambling world as quickly as they entered it. Since these slots are based on themes already used by someone else to create a piece of art, there are serious matters of copyrighting involved with these slots. In case the owner of a theme doesn’t want their work to be used as a slot theme, they can deem any license invalid, even if the slot has been up and running successfully. This setback can seriously affect your slot-playing experience if you are used to playing branded slots only.

Other than keeping the pros and cons of these slots in mind, you can also check the reviews for each one of them online. If a licensed slot is worth your while, you will find loads of people talking positively about it.


Just like the brand they follow, licensed slots are here to make a mark in the online slots industry. Through these slots, you can know a lot about your favourite celebrity or any other famous brand that made you pick that particular slot.

So, go with your heart while choosing a licensed slot and give it your best shot. However, always double-check the payout percentage of these slots, as there can be some branded slots with not-so-attractive payouts, which can ruin your overall experience at the online casino. Simply stay vigilant and remember to have fun at slots.