5 Ways to Use Video Marketing to Boost Your Social Media Branding


Are you looking for ways to boost your social media branding? If so, you should definitely consider using video marketing. Videos can be a great way to engage with your audience and help you build a strong brand presence online.

This article will discuss the five ways to use video marketing to boost your social media branding and marketing an eCommerce business. So, if you’re ready to take your social media game up a notch, keep reading.

1. Keep experimenting with the videos for your audience

A simple and easiest way to promote your brand on various social media channels, and your website, is to use short and simple instructional videos in your content. Reducing the video content is the basic step of your product or service. In our opinion, video content that fits within 30 seconds works better on social media than longer videos. Besides, these videos are more shareable on Facebook and Instagram.

Furthermore, you can use eCommerce video marketing to promote your product or service and offer a fun and engaging way to engage with your audience. Remember that videos are the most content, so their ROI is much higher than the other content types.

Remember, not all of your videos will achieve the height of popularity and may not be successful on your social media platforms. Hence, you need to test your audience’s taste by making different types of videos with various lengths, speeds, and video formats. If you haven’t produced any marketing videos before, it would be best to hire professionals. For businesses based in New South Wales, you may check out video production companies in Byron Bay like Value Imagery.

Similarly, you need to closely monitor your video’s engagement metrics so that you can know what your audience prefers to watch. Then, you will have to use that content on your website or social media platforms. The rule is simple here give your customers exactly what they like to view.

2. Think of our social media videos as a customer service channel

Customer support is another vital factor that you cannot ignore when building or managing your brand. While you may not be replying or responding to clients’ concerns primarily through videos, this content type is the best way to provide detailed information about your products to your customers well before the issue ever arise. It’s like a virtual assistant for your eCommerce store.

In our opinion, you need to include how-to videos or FAQ video content that your customers can use for troubleshooting purposes. E-commerce video ads are a great way to explain your product and answer many FAQs without even having to answer an email or phone inquiry. This also offers a fun and engaging way to resolve various issues that would otherwise be troublesome. By creating great product video ads you will certainly see an increase in sales and brand awareness.

3. Use customer video testimonials

Video testimonials are a great way to build trust and show off your happy customers. They can be more engaging than regular written ones, too. All you need is some good footage of people talking about how much they love using the product or service purchased from you. Moreover, you don’t need any complex video production skills for this purpose; even simple video recordings will do the job.

Most shoppers are shopping around. Don’t be surprised if you see less abandoned carts if you’re transparent with potential customers about how much your loyal customers love your products. You can reach out to some of your best and most satisfied clients and ask them to provide a video testimonial for your business and brand. Add that use video to your social media accounts for a more casual approach, and it will naturally build trust and in return drive traffic to your eCommerce site.

4. Create a YouTube Channel With Curated Videos

Because videos are intimidating, most companies hesitate a bit to use this content type. If you’re not prepared to start making your own, we will advise you to start building an audience as it will help you when you are ready. The simple way to do this is via YouTube.

Curate the video content from industry leaders and include informative and engaging products for your target audience and grow your customer base. In simple words, try to build your audience within your niche. And when you are ready to make your video content, this will help you a lot. And most importantly, search engines love youtube. So if this platform is a part of your eCommerce marketing strategy, think again.

5. Make low-cost and ready content.

Nowadays, you will find countless high-quality videos available online, but that doesn’t mean you also need high-quality videos to boost your social media branding and marketing. You can easily and quickly create affordable videos using free mobile apps such as Adobe Spark or ImgPlay. These mobile apps allow you to create video content in a simple and efficient way. You can also add text to your videos, adjust the video speed, or even convert them into funny GIFs.

Besides, creating video via these apps is just a matter of minutes. Using these low-cost and engaging videos, you can take advantage of this video trend without spending much and boost your social media branding.

Final thoughts

Video content marketing is the perfect way to create a connection with your audience. It’s more personal and engaging than any other type of media, such as still photos or text-based posts on almost all social media networks.

Video digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a social media marketer’s arsenal. It can be used to boost branding, engagement, and even sales on your online store. From email marketing to google ads, use video to take your market outreach to the next level. Above, we have mentioned five tips that you can use to boost your social media branding through video marketing. Test them and let us know how you go with them into practice.

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