15 Ways To Get More Backlinks and Boost Your SERP Ranking


Are you having a tough time with your website backlinks?

Building solid backlinks to enhance your search engine rankings and boost constant traffic toward your website and content is essential.

What Are Backlinks, And Why Are They Important?

Backlinks are hyperlinks present on an external website that, when clicked, lead to your website. Whenever you get a backlink from an external website, it increases the number of people that visit your content. It checks your content and, as a result, drastically increases your search engine rankings. Therefore, convincing people to go the extra step and click on the link can be overwhelming if you aren’t doing it correctly.

It’s About Quality And Not Quantity.

To convince people to click on the backlink, you need to ensure your content contains the exact keywords the audience wants. By clicking on the backlink, they need to feel that they have done the right thing because it is informational and further adds to their search. For instance, if the audience is looking for a quick diet plan and if you include keywords in your backlink such as how to lose weight within seven days or homemade recipes to lose weight within two days, these words will tell the audience that they can always click on your link and learn about their diet plan in a more traditional way because you have specified the exact time duration as well.

Pick Keywords From The First Serps.

Search Engines provides for the easiest available tool to find highly relevant, high potential content references to get backlinks from. For instance, if you are creating backlinks for a Whitelabel SEO Services website, you can search for White Label SEO on Google and take your resources from the first page of Google, to find all the keywords you can target through your website. You can also scrape their backlinks to identify potential opportunities to gain backlinks from just by creating a better content to link back or any other content piece that could be of value to the audience of these websites.

Guest Write Blogs For Platforms.

Guest blogging is another innovative way of attracting a crowd that engages with similar platforms like yours. Be a guest blogger for well-known websites that already have a set base audience with them, or you can chose to engage an outreach expert to help you find guest blogging opportunities to publish guest posts. If this audience clicks with your content, they wouldn’t think twice before reading your blogs and content. When you write for a guest platform, ensure that you give it your best to attract the crowd and convince them to click on the backlinks to get more exciting content from you. for instance, if you are guest blogging on the five best vacation spots in the US, then you can also include some of the adventures, sports activities and information regarding them in your backlinks which will provide the audience more information on the same topic.

Make it Creative

Most audiences that consume a lot of time on the Internet get fascinated by infographics, real-time statistics, and images that make the content appealing. It is a brilliant choice to design your backlinks in the form of infographics because they give a complex piece of information in a very straightforward way and, at the same time, also act as influential factors which make the audience click on them due to the various colors, font, and design on these backlinks.

Be a part of Popular Blogs.

Whenever there is an extra piece of information on popular blogs, the audience assumes that this information is significant and credentialed. To increase the credibility of your content and to ensure that it acts as a piece of social evidence because it is portrayed on a renowned and popular blog platform, it would be best to have your backlinks on such media.

Join Communities like Quora

Whenever people want an answer to their open-ended questions, they look for these answers on platforms such as quora. It offers you a chance to give your views and perspective regarding any subject and further support your answer by providing a backlink to your website. For instance, if anyone is looking for services related to the public transport system in a particular place and if you have content that gives details about the timings and the various benefits of that specific place, then you can always comment and provide a backlink to your content or blog that will further enhance their answers.

Write Reviews

If you come across a very excellent blog, then you can always comment on it and provide your review. In addition, you can acknowledge the blogger and give a backlink to your content if it relates did the same concept and field as written by this blogger. However, a piece of advice is to not comment on every blog because you can be perceived as a spammer by most bloggers and even spam from their sites. Therefore, the first step is to identify an exemplary block and later to portray yourself as an equally efficient blogger by not appearing to be a spammer.

Do Thorough Research.

Before you sign up with any external platforms to include your backlink, you must do thorough research to identify if adding your backlink to that particular website will help you. For instance, if you are writing about hiring an SEO specialist for a virtual assistant, then you need to ensure that this backlink goes into websites that provide information or content related to virtual assistance so that the audience can promptly click on your backlink as they have the same interest as you. However, providing this backlink on content, such as how to train an SEO, may not be helpful.

Use online platforms

You can collaborate with resourceful pages that sell products or services related to your industry. For instance, there will be websites that sell home security systems and will have a catalog of products and services on their websites. Suppose you write content related to home security and services. In that case, you can reach out to these websites and collaborate with their owners to provide a backlink to your website because, in this way, you will target the right audience that visits these products and services websites.

Start with influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has taken over the globe, and social media platforms act as the sports where digital marketing is blooming into a new path for success. Influencers are personalities with a perfect fan following on their social media site and take up endorsements or promotions as there are assignments. You, too, can take this opportunity and collaborate with well-known influencers to give a backlink to your website and content on their posts which will further increase your traffic. Check out our latest guide on how to get more traffic by using backlinks.

Always reclaim your mentions.

Sometimes, even though your backlink is an important source of content for an external platform, they may not always give you the tools. Therefore, if you ever notice that you have not been mentioned rightly and accurately, it is always good to reclaim your mentions so your audience knows that you have created the piece of content.

Make content error-free

Check for your website’s technicalities, and if any errors are present, then know that these are acting as blocks to your audience. For anyone looking for content on the Internet and if they find that a 404 error page appears or if the page takes a lot of time to load, it is not very pleasant to wait until the site loads. In this way, thousands of audiences get pulled out of content that would surely be informative to them.

Keep track of your competitors.

To know your position in the market and understand how your content is different from your competitor, it is always advised to keep track of what your competitors are doing in the market. This will help you know if you can develop strategies that give you a better edge over them or identify the areas you lag in. for instance, influencer marketing wasn’t prevalent a decade ago. It’s been a few years, whether in this area has been blooming. While you are still learning about this strategy, your competitors may have already started with it and collaborated with some well-known influencers.

Work on digital marketing

With so much attention garnered on social media, you will likely find your set audience and target pays on this platform. Like you would sign up with influencers, you can join hands with YouTubers and websites making it big on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. When your backlink appears on their posts, it gives credibility to your content. In addition, you can start with our own social media dot count and promote your content on this platform.

Monetize your content with testimonials

Do good so that you get good in return. A few acknowledgments will not do any harm to your content. For instance, websites like Shopify include testimonials from various platforms, which help them convince their target audience. At the same time, the individuals that give testimonials get a chance to welcome their backlinks. You, too, can sign up with sites like these and make yourself visible.

The bottom line!

These were the 15 efficient ways to use your backlinks and boost your website. Pin this page to use these tactics when applicable to you. We hope this guide will help you to get more backlinks, you can also read our latest guide on how to get high-quality backlinks by clicking here.

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