With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and having a strong business presence on the platform is critical. Many entrepreneurs want to utilise Facebook to expand their home businesses and establish a long-term online presence that will connect them with millions of people all over the world. Facebook is the only social media platform that can effectively meet the marketing requirements of both large and small businesses and if you get Facebook followers, it can be of great help.

In fact, over the next three years, the number of Facebook users is expected to increase by leaps and bounds, so if you’re serious about establishing a business following, Facebook is the greatest place to start.

Here are five innovative ways to “level up” or “supercharge” your Facebook presence so that you can engage more people with your business, stay better connected with your readers and customers, increase traffic to your site, and make Facebook an integral component of your marketing plan.

Analyze your data

Always test to find what works best for your Page. There is no such thing as a marketing strategy that fits everyone. It’s your duty to figure out which types of posts your readers respond to the best.

Get specific: Examine the time, topic, and title of each post for hints as to why one succeeds while the other fails. The knowledge you obtain will be extremely beneficial to your marketing efforts.

Make a cover picture for your Facebook page

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a Page that doesn’t have a cover pic. That makes it appear as if the owner is attempting to promote a Page but lacks the time (or interest) to do so correctly.

A lack of a cover photo creates a terrible first impression and wastes valuable real estate. Remember that when someone visits your Facebook page, the first thing they will see is your cover photo. It has a significant impact on your presence.

Follow the 3P’s and stick to a post ratio

The 3Ps of Facebook marketing should be incorporated into your strategy:

  • Personal: These are the personal posts (behind the scenes photos, for example)
  • Purpose: The goal of these postings is to provide value to your followers (life hacks draw plenty of attention)
  • Promotion: These are promotional posts that assist you in selling (product launches, for instance)

You’ll need a ratio once you’ve triggered the 3Ps of Facebook marketing. Promotional posts should be the fewest and Purpose posts should be the most prominent on your Page. Not only this but if you also buy Facebook followers, it can be a major help to build a better presence.

Use videos to your advantage

I’m sure there aren’t many days when you don’t see a video on Facebook. Videos are a popular kind of media. Shoot behind-the-scenes footage to draw viewers inside your company. Use videos to convey your own or other people’s stories. Make a brief “Hello” video. Share a personal story or observation. You can think of plenty more with a little thought. You can also give a thought of taking help of some of the sites that provide Facebook followers.

Get to know the competitors

Look for brands that are succeeding in the same or related industry to yours. Then research what they excel at. Keep an eye on what the other Pages are up to. Create your own version of a usable strategy and test it on your Page once you’ve found one.

That isn’t thievery; it is savvy business. Everyone may benefit from the experiences of others. Why not learn from those who are experts in your field?

There is nothing wrong in doing that just the way you can go to some of the best sites to buy Facebook followers.

Final Advice

Finally, to truly design a fantastic Facebook Page, you must think like a consumer. Determine what you want to consume on Facebook, as well as what you want to see more of, then post it on your Page. If you get to know what you want to consume, you can then proceed to buy Facebook followers.

HUMANIZE YOURSELF! That’s the key to a Facebook marketing approach that works. If you have a real discussion with people on your page, you’ll become much more than a blog, a website, or a brand—you’ll become a genuine person who people can talk to, connect with, and feel more comfortable subscribing to your list or purchasing from you in the future.