4 Ways Brand Loyalty is Changing in 2023


Last updated on June 28th, 2022 at 06:46 pm

Just when you thought you had the brand loyalty you’ve always dreamt of, something started to change.

Your bottom-of-the-funnel customers don’t buy the products they used to. Your top-of-the-funnel leads are jumping to your competitors faster than you can keep up with. And your customer engagement levels are at an all-time low.

If your quality is high, your products are on point, and your customer service is pristine, what gives?

Maybe it’s not what you’re doing … but rather what you’re not doing.

Because in truth, brand loyalty isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing term — it’s an ever-changing kaleidoscope that starts with understanding changing needs and wants.

If you’ve been looking to boost brand loyalty in 2023, we’ve got just the article for you.

In today’s article, you’ll discover why brand loyalty is changing and four specific shifts you can use to your advantage.

Ready to learn more?

Let’s begin.

Why is brand loyalty changing?

Brand loyalty shifts when there are societal, economic, and/or industry changes.

In fact, brand loyalty has always shifted. From the spectator culture we experienced in the 90s to the participation culture that was dominant in the 2000s, brand loyalty has been changing since the dawn of time.

So why the current changes?

For one, we’re now in a convergence culture. Consumers are in the driver’s seat dictating to brands what they expect and how they want it.

We’re also experiencing a major shift due to the onset of the pandemic. In fact, a report by Ketchum found that 45% of shoppers in the US have altered their brand preferences since the pandemic. Just a month later, research from McKinsey reported a higher number — a whopping 75%.

Brand loyalty has also become susceptible to changes in online markets. From private label brands to direct-to-consumer brands to boutique online stores, shoppers have more options than ever before.

With that said, let’s take a look at four specific ways brand loyalty is changing in 2023 and how to use these shifts to your advantage.

4 ways brand loyalty is changing in 2023 (and what to do about it)

Keep a lookout for the following brand loyalty changes in 2023:

1. More choices decrease loyalty and increase competition

Consumer choices will continue to increase at a rapid rate, which inevitably will make it more difficult to stand out as a brand in 2023.

More media choices? Check. More competitors to buy from? Check. More buying options? Check.

With all of these choices widening, how can you make sure you’ll get the visibility you crave?

Here are a few simple ways to differentiate yourself from the competition:

  • Simplify your offers: Reduce customer overwhelm by focusing on a few key offers your audience loves.
  • Solve pain points: Understand what makes your audience tick and solve their pain points better than your competitors do.
  • Build awareness and consideration: Don’t forget to nurture your top-of-funnel leads as much as you nurture your bottom-of-funnel customers.
  • Focus on delivering value: Share helpful tips and information relevant to your audience’s core needs.

2. Prioritizing needs over wants redefines what “value” means

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed consumer priorities and buying habits.

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From prioritizing household needs over indulgent wants to hunting for bargains and convenience, consumers will redefine what value means to them in 2023.

To cater to customers’ changing values, follow these tips:

  • Get laser clear on your audience’s core needs and meet them better than your competitors.
  • Make sure your messaging and offers are in line with your audience’s core needs.
  • Use storytelling and powerful visuals to show your audience how much their core needs matter to you — implement social proof to drive this home.
  • Offer deals and rewards to cater to bargain shoppers, i.e., points, free delivery, coupons, birthday gifts, and loyalty rewards.

3. High demand for valuable experiences pivots the customer journey

The customer journey will change in 2023 as consumers demand better customer experiences.

From offering more customer support options to creating painless checkout processes, consumers will expect nothing less than a pristine experience.

Here are a few quick ways to enhance the customer experience in 2023:

  • Use product-led growth strategies to allow customers to test-drive your offers before investing (think freemium models).
  • Redefine/map out the new customer journey — look for new touch points and solutions to nurture customers wherever they are.
  • Build stronger customer relationships by hosting virtual events, such as live streams, webinars, group chats, courses, and Q&As.
  • Create support options and checkout processes that function like a well-oiled machine

4. Transparency and authenticity beat fluff marketing

While flowery words and false promises may have swayed customers in the past, in 2023 transparent marketing will be the new standard.

From honest reviews — see the no-nonsense Hypefury review below — to humanized language, authenticity will become the new norm.

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Here are some ways you can infuse transparent marketing into your outreach approach:

  • Publish product pro/con lists so customers can get an honest look at what you offer.
  • Use storytelling to draw on emotion, show vulnerability, and form meaningful customer relationships.
  • Be upfront about who you can help and who you can’t.
  • Be clear and concise in your marketing copy — avoid fluff words at all costs.
  • Get to know your customers on a deeper level. Engage with them in the comments section on social media, respond to their emails with empathy, and humanize your customer service approach.

Wrap up

And that’s it for now.

If you’re eager to boost brand loyalty in 2023, we hope this article has given you the clarity and the momentum you need to build trust with your ideal audience.

By understanding changing needs and wants through customer feedback, and adapting your approach to meet your customers where they are, you’ll be on your way to building brand loyalty that lasts.

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