There are many leading company manufacture VR headsets such as Google, Sony, Samsung, HTC, and Oculus, so forth, these companies offer numerous models with various outstanding features, each has its own pros and cons to consider.

Here we give you some tips that definitely will help you to buy the headset which you are hoping for.

1. Accessories

If you go for a PlayStation VR, it gives more quality options and recommends you to play with them through Dual Shock. If you want a headset for your mobile, then you can choose an older and cheaper headset.

Oculus provides leveled peripheral playing field with two handle Vive controllers. For anyone who wants to buy Oculus, we would say it has a higher proportion of vive games with quest 2 accessories.

PS VR Aim Controller works with several games such as Far point and it has high-end internals capable of running games.

2. Casual or hardcore

If you want to buy a wireless model, then you can choose simple mobile headsets like Gear VR. Are you hoping to buy headsets with good grip control? Then go for PlayStation VR or VR 3D Glasses Headset Movies games with Bluetooth remote control.

For those who want to spend more time with game devices, choose the Vive’s base station instead of buying the PlayStation Camera. If you won’t mind motion tracking, then Samsung Gear VR will be a better option.

3. Budget

VR headsets are available in a wide range of pricing from $5 to $800. The main groups of VR headsets with the console: $5 for Cardboard-compatible headsets, $49 for Daydream VR, PlayStation costs $400, Oculus Rift costs $600 and HTC Vive costs $800.

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4. Headset weight

A lightweight headset is advisable for long-duration usage otherwise it will be very tiring when you use the headset. But if the headset is designed with a proper shape and strap, then it will be very light as the headsets distribute their weight uniformly.

But if the headset is too light, it will be also a problem since the customers need to hold the headsets in front of their face.

vr headset purchase tips

5. Augmented reality

Augmented reality creates a different place around you while you use this headset and this is accomplished by attaching the camera to the outside of it. Many manufacturers don’t provide augmented reality features in their products. Only a few headsets support augmented reality such as Cardboard headsets, Merge VR, and so on.

6. Field of view

Field of view is important to see the picture when you put on the headset. Looking through a narrow field doesn’t give the quality view whereas looking through a wide field creates a three-dimensional image which is like appears to surround you.

Every product has a different field of view. For e.g. Daydream View has a field of view of 96 degrees, Google Cardboard headsets have a field of view ranges from 90 degrees to 120 degrees, Samsung Gear VR headsets have a field of view of 96 degrees but the new Samsung Gear VR is 110 degrees, and both the Rift and Vive have 110 degrees.

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The Bottom Line

Hope our tips would help you to purchase the best VR headset for you. If you have any queries, ideas, suggestions about the topic, please feel free to comment us through the comment section below.

Have you ever used a VR headset before? We would appreciate it if you share your experience with us.

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