Villas of Antalya – Special Features to Look Out For


Villas are known as signatures for lovers of the exquisite life. There are many people who wouldn’t mind living in smaller houses where they probably only have enough space to stretch their legs or live simply. But if there’s any way you would love to live your life, you can also do it in a villa. Unless you truly have a reservation against villas, you should consider living in villas in Antalya. The city has a very wealthy collection of premium villas that promise maximum enjoyment and the most peaceful living. If you have ever considered to buy a villa in Antalya, you should read this article to the end.

Types of Villa Apartments

According to experts, there are two major ways to categorize villa apartments: price and location. For this purpose, villas were divided into the expensive luxury kind and the moderate luxury kind. The most exclusive luxury type is often very expensive, costing up to $1 million or more, while the average one costs around $400 million. The much more affordable ones below these thresholds could be decent but are also categorized as moderate. The cost of a villa in Antalya will be affected by the competing interests of the parties involved, the lavishness of the apartment, and other important qualities that determine the cost of obtaining the villa. Check out the available villas for sale today and read more on the official website Turk.Estate.

Why are villas so called?

Here comes the million dollar question for people who have never stayed in a villa before and are wondering why they are priced so high, why they are in such high demand, or why they are popular in the market. If you have never stayed in a villa before, there’s no need to feel shy about it, by the end of this article, you will be a pro at villa services and what the properties entail.

1. A Personal Pool Area

A villa gives you the luxury of your own exclusive pool. This exclusivity is very important because sometimes you just cannot tell what goes on inside those public pools people bathe in. People therefore prefer personal pools for hygiene purposes as well as for their exclusivity. When it is adjoined with a beautiful layout or open area, the feeling is always heavenly and blissful. Another advantage of having a private pool in your villa is that it can be modified to protect against children or underage toddlers who may be careless around it.

However, there is a disadvantage to having a personal pool, and that disadvantage is that you will be responsible for pool maintenance, which may take some quality time and cost some real money depending on the size of the pool, and we all know that pools like attention. Such burdens would not be imposed on you if you lived in a shared pool.

2. A Personal Gym

You may not need to lose any weight, but wouldn’t it help to work out every now and then? Living in towers and skyscrapers is nice until you meet dozens of people you don’t want to talk to at the central gym. Living in a villa takes care of all that trouble for you. A personal gym is not just an ordinary or additional feature, it is also a propellant to keep fit and exercise your body in the most serene and exclusive manner possible. Depending on the villa you get, the gyms often have treadmills and similar gym equipment, and you can adjust them as you please or buy new ones.

The downside of this feature is that, once again, maintenance is all on you. Secondly, if training with others motivates you, you may not enjoy private workouts. Thirdly, you may end up incurring costs to get a trainer to come over to the house to encourage your workouts.

3. Home Cinema

This is a feature for amazing romantics! How does a small private cinema room sound? You can only get that in a villa apartment in Antalya. Unfortunately, only the exclusive villas have a cinema en suite, so you may have to ask before you conclude the purchase if you need one. If you are renting, then enjoy yourself. These cinema rooms often have mini-sized chairs, blankets, and a projector or large-screen TV in a dark, cinema-like setting. Here, you can Netflix and chill as long as you want.

There aren’t many downsides to this feature except that it may make the property more expensive than average.

4. Lavish interiors and baths

This is another feature that distinguishes villas from any other type of property. Except for mansions, the most beautiful jacuzzi bathtubs and exquisite interior decor can be found in villas rather than ordinary apartments or flats. In Antalya, it appears developers are in a competition to outdo each other with lavish interior decor. Living in one of these villas, you do not only get an exclusive bath, you get one of the best in the city and even in Turkey!

5. Tennis Court and Game Rooms

Some people say only the rich have a game corner in their house. Well, they lied. You do not need to be extremely rich to have a classic tennis court or game room. You only need to be rich enough to own a villa. Many exquisite villas in Antalya have exclusive tennis courts or game rooms, and some have both. If you are a sports person, this news will delight you.

6. Massage Corner

Last but not least for this feature is the massage corner, and no, it is not only for the Instagram shots. It is actually a very cool relaxation spot for the girls to hang out, with a tranquil set-up and lighting.


Thanks for sticking with it to the end. If you have made it thus far, you would have understood that a quality that transcends all of the features above is exclusivity and quality living. In a villa, you get a full building to yourself, a full pool, an exclusive barbecue, a parking garage, and bigger, more private rooms and a house compound. These are the features that make villas popular among the rich: premium class, comfort, and exclusivity in one apartment.

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