It is time to shuffle your applications in your android device. Yes, do yourself a favour and go through the applications that you own. What do you find for videos watching and downloading? Do you actually own an application for the same? Come on, if you think you have YouTube and hence you don’t need any other application then you are mistaken. YouTube gives you only limited pleasure and limited features but there are apps that can ensure you endless pleasure and unlimited downloading.

Well, if you are getting excited to know about the applications then keep on reading and you would know about a few of them here!

AVD Download Video

This application is a great path to get all the videos you prefer. This app has a devoted browser that can automatically make out any streaming media and offer the option to download it on the smart device you are using. The thing is the hassle of picking the link and copying it and then pasting it for the procedure of downloading gets eliminated. Once you use this app it would automatically show you the option to download and you can tap on it if you want or dodge it. Since things get really easy and apparent.

Video Downloader

The name has everything in it for you. The application gives you the chance to download the videos that you like. The app is a bridge between you and the video media you want to download. You simply have to paste URL of the video that you wish to download and hence you get the best experience. No matter which kind of video URL you have, it shall download the clip for you in the absence any hassle. You just have to tap on download and it starts downloading the videos for you that too without any price.


It is a wonderful YouTube Downloader for Android. The platform can even download videos from diverse famous sites such as Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. The application is a trustful one and offers quick downloading speed. You can easily and without any hassle pick the quality of YouTube videos before you download it. You can also do the customisation of the application as per your ease as an example, in case you want to set bookmarks or pause the specific downloading of the video; you can do it. The application is easy to use and it makes it even more amazing.


Vidmate app is another good platform for the users. The android application gives you the ease to watch and download the videos endlessly. There are manifold platforms that you get linked to through this application. You can get video media from platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo and so on. Moreover, you can also get the videos in the formats of your choice. The speed of this application is also two hundred percent faster than the other apps because of its advanced platform.


So, you can always make sure that you have the finest applications to make the most of your experiences. Enjoy all the videos with these apps and you would never get bored.


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