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As classroom sizes and teachers’ workloads start to increase, schools are not just looking for ways to be more efficient, but also encourage a learning environment that’s both safe and better for students and teachers.

A quick and simple solution for the above is to introduce lanyards. Not only are lanyards cost-effective, but they’re also easy and exceptionally useful.

1. Identification

One of the greatest benefits of a lanyard is how it helps with keeping track of who is in school. Not only does it help ensure that everyone is accounted for, but it also prevents individuals who aren’t students or teachers of the school from entering the grounds.

With a school lanyard, teachers can easily identify if teachers are meant to be in their classroom or not. Special lanyards can also be created for visitors entering the premises so they’re easily identifiable.

2. An easy way to keep track of students

Rather than having to call out a student’s name to keep track of attendance, lanyards are a great alternative. Students can hand in their lanyards when they enter the classroom so that teachers can check their name off the attendance list.

In some instances, scanning technologies can even be incorporated within the lanyard so teachers won’t have to worry about paperwork at all.

3. Create some team spirit within the school

If you’d like, you can even use lanyards to generate some team spirit amongst students. For example, you can create coloured lanyards to be given to various sport teams or even school “houses”.

Special lanyards can also be designed for top students or class presidents. In addition, if students are travelling or heading off on a particular excursion, they can also wear these lanyards to make them look like a more single, unified group.

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Take material into consideration

If you’re thinking of getting lanyards, make sure that you’re using a product that’s not just long-lasting, but also stylish and free of any hazards. You can easily customise your lanyards, but they should be made of high-quality material – especially since both the students and teachers will be wearing it for the entire day.

You can also have fun customising the design of the lanyards according to the school’s colours or logo. There’s a wide range of lanyards out there to choose from whether that be traditional lanyards with a classic print or something a bit more colourful.

Remember to also ensure that the lanyards come with a safety breakaway clip to avoid any choking risk.

Getting your school some lanyards

As seen from the above, there are a plethora of benefits that can be reaped from getting lanyards for your students and teachers.

Not only does it help with boosting your school’s overall security, but it also helps with both identification and attendance. In addition, you can even create some lanyards to help with creating team spirit within your school.

If you’re going ahead with lanyards, just make sure you’re taking the quality, design, and safety features into consideration.