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Should You Upgrade to iOS 11?

iOS 11 is supposedly Apple’s and specifically, iOS’ greatest revamp yet. With the passage of time, iOS had been taking cues from Android (the good ones!) and fine-tuning itself. While the iOS 10, was by itself a great deal of an improvement compared to its predecessor in its lineage, the iOS 11 is something you definitely need to look forward to, if not immediately upgrade.


Well, because it is packed with several awesome and new features that its predecessors lacked and it has removed several drawbacks that iOS 10 had. Here are the top pieces of stuff about the iOS 11 that you need to look forward to.

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#1. The App Store Got a Huge Overhaul

While Apple’s App Store was always a step ahead over its Android counterparts in terms of security and number of apps, Google’s Play Store was somewhat ahead in design. But with the iOS 11 update, Apple seems to have turned the tables, not only in the App Stores’ design but also in its features.

Here’s what’s new about the iOS 11 App Store:

  1. It has a “Today Section” where the newest and coolest apps will show up. It will also feature apps which have been listed as Editor’s Choice.
  2. How-To’s for Apps – This is probably the coolest feature of Apple’s App Store and it features tips, tricks and how to’s on and about several apps.
  3. Prominent Reviews and Ratings are more prominent and are shown just as and when you select the app and you don’t need to scroll to bring it to your view.
  4. The Design is Completely New and Improved
  5. View and Buy In-App Purchases even before you download the app.
  6. Apps and Games have been differentiated so as to make it easier to browse and find what you are looking for.

#2. The Control Center Consists of Just One Page, is Customizable and features Several New Options

Lack of freedom to customize is a big issue for iOS. However, the good news is that the control center can be customized.

You can add, remove and arrange Apple’s app and services in the settings menu of the control center. While it doesn’t feature any third party integration, it is a good first step towards customizability.

You can use 3D Touch to expand and interact with the options in the control menu. There are also several new options like Do Not Disturb While Driving, Voice Memos, Screen Recording, Alarm, Guided Access, Notes, Cellular Data, Accessibility Shortcuts, Stopwatch, Apple TV Remote, Low Power Mode, Text Size, Magnifier, and Personal Hotspot.

#3. The Flashlight has Four Intensity Options

If you have an iPhone 7, then you will notice that when you use 3D touch, there are four levels of flashlight brightness instead of three, that was present in the iOS 10.

#4. You can Share WiFi passwords with Nearby iOS 11 and/or MacOS HighSierra Devices

You can share a WiFi password with nearby devices without having to type it out!

#5. You can Delete your Messages across all your Synced Devices Straight Away

In the previous iOS, you had to delete messages individually across each and every device which was quite time-consuming and also a concern regarding your privacy. However, in the iOS 11, if you delete your message in one device, the messages will also be deleted from your synced devices.

#6. There’s a File Manager App and the Storage Functions are Improved

The iOS 11 finally has a File Manager app and the iCloud Drive app is part of it. You can also add other cloud storage apps to it. It may have several other and new features that we are not aware of yet.

As for the storage options, Apple will tell you what apps are using an unnecessary lot of its memory as well as suggest you delete old messages and files that you don’t use much.

#7. The Camera App is Highly Improved

The camera app supports and lets you apply several filters and effects to images that you click. It also can scan QR codes. After it scans a QR code, it prompts you on what it will do next. There are also several new formats for the images and videos it shoots like HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) for photos and codes videos in H.265 format. You can also use OIS, HDR, and Flash in the portrait mode.

Also, when you snap screenshots during video calls, they become live photos.

#8. You can make the Keyboard One-Handed for Ease typing

Apple has introduced a one-handed typing mode to its keyboard in an effort to bring back the users who use the third-party keyboard. This feature was much needed as the stock iOS keyboard was quite difficult to use in a one-handed fashion.

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Apple has introduced quite a number of other features and improvements to its iOS 11 too. However, these listed here are among the best and the top reasons why an upgrade to Apple iOS’ latest seems sensible!

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