3 Upcoming trends in Local SEO to watch out for in 2022


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Local search engine optimization is very important. Yet it is not tapped into too much. Businesses have not yet really thought about giving local search engine optimization a priority till now. And its outcomes, it is important that you focus wholly on it, if you are looking for market penetration.

If you’re a big business, and are looking forward to penetrating into the regional markets or fighting off regional competition. Local search engine optimization can be of great importance. Moreover, if you are a local business who is looking forward to expanding its product into the new regional market, even then this is a great strategy.

Every SEO Agency has reiterated the importance of this in the current market scenario. One of the major reasons why you want to tap into the local market is it gives a higher return on investment as well as gives a better lead conversion ratio. Moreover, with the physical presence of his shop, it becomes quite important that you tap into the local markets to create a lasting impression.

But there are certain trends that are actually taking local SEO by storm. In this article we look into such trends to help you get some clarity about them for your business.

So, without any further ado, let us jump straight into the core of the subject.

  1. Playing your cards according to the news: The local news is going to be very important in 2022, with the pandemic striking right at the chest of the business. Now it has become very important to tap into the local news. Google has ensured that you can keep abreast of the news, which can potentially help to accelerate the progress of your business.

    Once you are quite aware of the local news, you can use it to promote your product accordingly. Not only will it attract the audience, but will also ensure that it actually connects with the local people.

    Isn’t it really cool?

  2. Bing made local search engine optimization really trendy: In this new update, Bing actually added five new features that are visually appealing and graphically satisfying whenever they are applied to local search engine optimization, it ensures that your product is getting a visually appealing look.

    Moreover, when your product is searched then if your search results come in the SERP rankings then there is a high chance of the results being available as a carousel or infographics.

    As the site owner, it becomes your responsibility to enrich your site with content rich in graphics and visually appealing media – to be ranked accordingly.

  3. Pointy is a boost for the E-commerce websites: Integrating Pointy to your E-commerce website can help in checking the inventory. Getting regular updates about the inventory is going to be pretty helpful as users tend to check for it before any purchase.

    Moreover, it also saves time for the users and sellers accordingly. it ensures that every time a sale is made it gets updated automatically.

    So, you did not have to worry about updating it manually over and over again. Moreover, the bounce rate on your website also reduces since the users searching for details about the inventory can check it and purchase it if available.

Bottom line: The trends in Google search engine optimization have actually helped the businesses to be more powerful, and empowered them to compete in a more fashionable way. It’s actually pretty important that these tips are taken into consideration while going forward with local optimization. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field. And such trends act as the inflection point for the business. So always keep an eye out for them. If you are from Australia and looking for a local agency then you may reach out to Shout Digital, one of the best SEO agencies in Melbourne.


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