SEO is always evolving with new tactics and strategies being discovered and developed every day. Because the field is so broad, marketers sometimes miss or forget about compelling tactics and strategies. Below, we will look at strategies and tactics that marketers are not leveraging fully.

Use Reddit for Keyword Discovery

Reddit has its own issues, but there is no denying that its numerous communities present you with lots of keyword discovery opportunities. Reddit is especially useful if you are looking for long-tail keywords to use in your content.

To get started, you should find a subreddit that focuses on the topic you would like to talk about. You can also do a topic search to see what threads come up. Going through a few of these should give you an idea of the most popular keywords used in these threads and subreddits.

Using Compelling Description and Title Tags

It is a well-known fact among SEOs that optimized title and description tags lead to more clicks on search engine result pages. More organic clicks lead to higher rankings. But, how do you know what people want to click on? Check Google Ads.

Every Google Ads ad is highly optimized because it is a result of lots of split tests and optimizations. These optimizations are meant to increase clocks and therefore traffic to specific websites.

To make your title and description tags more compelling, check the keywords and phrases used in these ads. Start by searching for your target keyword and checking what words the top ads are using. These keywords and phrases have been proven to generate clicks and this is why businesses feel comfortable paying for spots where they use them.

When creating new content or optimizing a few pieces, it will not be too challenging to do this. However, it is a good idea to hire an outsourced marketing department if you have a lot of copy that needs title and description tag optimization. An outsourced marketing department will also handle many of the common SEO tasks and strategies you want to take advantage of.

Update and Republish Old Content

Google is always “looking” for fresh content to show its visitors. Updating and republishing your content makes it fresh again and signals Google to crawl the content over again. This can improve its ranking, especially if you have added a lot of new and compelling content.

Second, doing so allows you to promote the content again knowing it will offer value. If you are promoting the same old content, people will tune out because they already know what you will say. Updating and republishing your content brings them back because they know there is additional value in the updated content.

The increase in traffic you get from the two phenomena above should be enough to improve that content ranking.

Marketers should always try to find proven SEO strategies that work. These may be emerging strategies or ones people are not using as much but that still remain powerful. The strategies discussed above can produce great results for those who take full advantage of them.