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Research by MILL for business states that every 24 hours, the number of websites increases by 547,200 worldwide. With this ever-increasing competition and a plethora of information, how do you manage to drive traffic to your website? The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, Google is known for updating its search algorithm every now and then, so to rise above the noise, you need to constantly update your SEO strategy.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is SEO?

SEO means optimizing your website’s content, so it appears in search engine results often, leading to higher organic web traffic. Some of the key elements of SEO include:

  • Quality of visitors: Effective SEO involves attracting visitors who are genuinely interested in the product or service that you’re offering.
  • Quantity of visitors: Once you’ve ensured that the right people are landing on your website through Google search results, you should work on the number of visitors to increase website conversions.
  • Organic traffic: Organic traffic is the unpaid traffic that comes to your website from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Why Use SEO?

We’ve already discussed that SEO improves the overall searchability and visibility of your website, but have you ever wondered why it has become an indispensable part of your business’ digital marketing strategy?

SEO can help you stand out from competitors. For instance, if two websites are offering the same service, how would you make your prospects land on your website first? Hence, if your website is search engine optimized, there are chances that your audience would know about your offerings before other substitutes through search engine results.

Other than this, one of the goals of an effective SEO strategy is to ensure that your website offers a good user experience, resulting in longer session durations. This helps your business build trust and credibility among the target audience.

How Does SEO Work?

It is no secret that search engines work hard to provide you with credible search results. However, the challenge for businesses is to get their website ranked and become a part of search engine results. For this, let’s have a look at the mechanism of SEO.

Search engines have automated robots called spiders that collect your website information, including page speed, internal linking, backlinks, and title tags. Based on this information and other factors, search engines decide where to rank your website for relevant search queries. The figure below shows the ranking factors for Google’s search algorithm, according to some SEO professionals.



8 Quick SEO Tips for 2020

Now that you’ve understood SEO and its dynamics, are you ready to work on your website’s SEO? Here are a few SEO tips that can help you stay ahead of the curve in 2020:

1. Use Keywords in the Right Place

We often hear that from an SEO perspective, keywords are dead. It is an undeniable fact that Google penalizes websites for keyword stuffing therefore it is crucial to know where to add keywords and how often. According to Google, your aim should be to create information-rich content that uses keywords in context. So for higher SEO rankings, it is advisable to let keywords appear in your content naturally.

2. Build Content for Your Audience

According to Brian Barwig, founder of, one of the key tricks is to create content based on what your target audience is searching for. Crafting relevant content will not only help you attract qualified leads but can also result in backlinks to your website, leading to improved website authority and search engine rankings.

3. Use Titles and Subtitles

Titles and subtitles serve as a signpost that guides your web visitors and search engines through a webpage. Moreover, using headings and subheadings help enhance readability, resulting in improved user experience and, consequently, higher SEO rankings.

4. Tap the Potential of Graphics

Who likes looking at a plain website with textual content only? Not many! Graphics play a very important role in SEO as they help in gaining user attention, thus leading to reduced bounced rates. However, to maintain the website load time, ensure that you’re using compressed images and videos.

5. Try to Rank for Featured Snippets

According to a study by Ahrefs, if your website ranks first and acquires a featured snippet for a search term, you are likely to gain 31 percent more traffic compared to having the first position without the snippet. Here’s how a featured snippet looks like:

featured snippet example


6. Add Outbound and Internal Links

Outbound links send visitors from your website to other websites. Adding related outbound links to your content enhances its relevancy however, it is critical to ensure that you link authoritative sources.

On the contrary, internal links are the links from other pages of your website. Internal linking not only helps promote your other website sections but also facilitates Google bots in understanding your website’s structure.

7. Improve Your Website Load Time

Page load speed is one of the direct ranking factors for Google’s search algorithm. This is because a delay in your website load time could result in visitors switching to other sites, thus lowering your Google search rankings.

8. Hire an SEO Expert

Last but not the least, mastering SEO could be a time-intensive task, especially if you’re already struggling with a tightly packed schedule. Why not seek SEO consultation from experts?

It’s better to bid farewell to the hassle. If you don’t know about it, let us guide you. You are just a Google search away from finding the right fit. For instance, if you live in Orlando, you just need to type Orlando SEO consultants. You’ll see a list of consultants, but here, play smartly. Go for the one that has gathered massive positive reviews.

SEO specialists work with multiple websites and are constantly collecting information regarding the evolving search engine algorithms and trends. So yes, it is recommended to let the pros do their work while you enjoy the perks.

Final Words

By now, we know that successful implementation of SEO depends on several important considerations. Hence, when you hire an SEO expert – whether a freelancer or an agency, you need to explain your requirements in detail.

Also, an important point to note is that SEO trends might evolve over time, but one thing that will remain constant, even in 2020, is the golden rule of SEO: Content is King.

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