Since 2014 Twitch has been making a name for itself amongst its young and growing audience that has boosted 3.5 million live viewers in 2021 according to Backlinko. In its infancy, the platform was host to a community of eSport enthusiasts and an online gamer community, which later expanded into various entertainment industries across the world.

As a result of this growth, Twitch has opened its doors to internet entrepreneurs, visual artists, and video creators who can now share their work through live streaming and monetize Twitch’s generous income sources.

In this article, we’ll get a deeper look and find out more about how Twitch has expanded its influence amongst GenerationZ and how online content creators can make good use of different marketing strategies to find potential customers.

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Twitch as a Streaming Platform

Back in the early days of Twitch, there was little recognition or relevance for digital marketers to enter the game of online competitive video gaming or cater to streamers who tried to eke out a living from live gaming. But in the past 5 years, Twitch has evolved into a host of musical artists, comedic entertainers, yoga coaches, and even life coaches (to name a few.)

Despite all the rapid changes in its customer base, Twitch is still new and far different than many other online video-sharing websites like Youtube or Vimeo. Creators are advised to perform live since they’re unable to pre-record videos or have sponsored posts. This may sound challenging for some, but it is actually an opportunity. How come?

Twitch gives the chance for influential streamers to start promoting live giveaways, shoutouts and come up with new unboxing videos. It is without the slightest doubt that if someone combines marketing with Twitch’s brand new platform and young they can leverage this uniqueness.

The Growing Role of Live Streaming

By now I’m hoping that it comes without a doubt that Twitch can be a goldmine for well-established brands targeting Generation Z (and younger Millennials.) If we have a look at other mainstream video hosting platforms like TikTok, Dubsmash, or Triller, we can observe that dynamic and upbeat video content is what’s trending. According to Twitch, a majority of their users have reported engaging with streamers on a daily basis since influencers can get much closer to their audience. This is not only great for content creators who receive recurring visitors by turning them into fans and followers but also get supported financially.

The Tempting Monetary Gains on Twitch

And talking about finances, Twitch’s affiliate marketing platform is unique in its stance. The entire platform offers various subscription levels to its streamers with a 50% deduction. This is very generous in comparison to many other major players that dominate the affiliate world like Amazon, ClickBank, or ShareAsale.

Needless to say, affiliate marketing is at the heart of every software or online service company. Live streamers can help with brand recognition and associate their own sales strategies through their channels. On top of that companies can benefit more from video streamers who willingly promote their brands in videos.

On top of generous affiliate payouts, popular streamers can earn substantial amounts through things like bits, cheers, and donations. These are basically virtual points given by viewers that can be converted into real currency and cashed out by the streamer who receives them.

Leverage Twitch for Marketing Growth

A key success point for new streamers and online marketers who wish to build a personal brand on Twitch is to prioritize their audience over monetization. Entertainment should come first and advertisement second.

As mentioned earlier, Twitch provides some amazing monetary benefits through its affiliate program, bits, cheers, and donations. But none of this can be achieved if one cannot build a loyal following. Easier said than done, but there are a few strategies to get started.

Having a Marketing Mindset

There is important to have a marketer’s mindset when creating and promoting new content. A fanbase is usually drawn to engaging and vibrant videos where they can interact with their favourite streamers, artists, or entertainers.

When targeting a platform with a majority of Gen Z viewers, content promotion needs to have intriguing and thrilling vibes that move away from the traditional television-style that younger viewers may find outdated and dull.

Not many brands would think that their products or services are suitable for Twitch’s audience in the world of eSports, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of brands can resonate with video games, eSport tournaments, and competitive gaming. A company that does this pretty well is Monster Energy that makes a public appearance and slung a new slogan like:

Game like a Beast

Another way is to employ the assistance of a popular streamer who knows his or her audience and fits a promo video clip in their channel. Of course, careful selection has to be prioritized when choosing a streamer, especially if the audience would actually be interested in the product or service he or she presents on behalf of a company. In the end, an influential streamer can take off some of the burdens that companies would find difficult to achieve. At the end of the day, marketers have to make sure that their brand campaign resonates with the ecosystem of the influencer’s channel.

Networking and Outreach

Just like in any other platform or in the physical world, interaction with fellow content creators. This is no different when it comes to Twitch live streaming. However, some of the most outstanding differences are in Twitch’s unique features like the chat, channel points, predictions, and raids.

This allows an authentic interaction where the viewers feel a part of the community and experience live action first hand. Networking between influencers is a huge part of business growth.

There are popular streamers like Ninja, Auronplay and Rubius who’ve achieved global fame, raking in tens of millions of followers. Being able to work with them and reach their audience through them can be a huge boost for any business.

Ad Placements

Traditional advertising will be a thing of the past in the upcoming decades if we were to analyze the interests and browsing habits of most teens today.

How is this possible? According to Behind the Sport, a mere 40% of teens would even think of turning on the Tv or radio. Their perception of entertainment have altered over the years and will continue to do so.

There are multiple large companies like Gilette, Sony and UberEats that are already promoting their brand through some of their influencers and ad placements. Traditional advertising methods like banners, takeovers, and mid-rolls, in the gaming-related industries but if you really want to make an impact, you need to partner with an influencer or brand.


As a rapidly growing platform Twitch is becoming a host to a young generation that grew up with the internet and are about to become the biggest internet consumers in the coming decades. This is where digital marketers and online streamers will most likely adapt to various forms of entertainment and cater their products and services. While the platform continues to grow its audience and fanbase, there will be a gradual need for online marketers to help internet entrepreneurs and big brands build tactics to utilize Twitch’s growth.

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Robert Kormoczi is a digital marketer manager and online entrepreneur focusing on the development of the next generation of marketing.