What is meant by DRM?

Before we proceed onto discuss the details of the given software, it is imperative to understand what exactly a DRM is. Putting it in simpler words, a DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. This is quite a powerful technology that helps in the protection of the copyrights of the corresponding digital media. This makes it all the more impossible for stealth of media or content alike. Basically, DRM implements an encryption criterion that restricts the usage of the video on the various devices, the frequency and the number of devices it can be played on and the type of devices that have access to it.

What is the Importance of a DRM Removal Software?

When we speak of music offerings on iTunes, they have been made DRM (Digital Rights Management) free from the year 2009 and onwards. However, the same cannot be said about the videos or movies that are purchased from the store or rented otherwise. Each and every show/ movie purchased from iTunes comes wrapped up fully in DRM. This limits the user to specific devices, in terms of playing the video or sharing it with other users. Nevertheless, the genius minds have come up with software solutions that help in DRM removal for Windows a total piece of cake! In this post, we are going to discuss one such software that has hit the market with quite a popularity!


Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Win is the most professional software that is capable of unlocking the DRM copyright protection in iTunes’ purchased videos. The biggest feature of this media converter for windows is that the video unlocking goes completely lossless and hence, is fairly efficient! The other important features that we would like to highlight are:

  • Available for both Windows and MAC operating systems
  • Supports the latest iTunes version
  • Removes Apple’s copyright protection
  • Subtitles are preserved
  • Uses algorithmic techniques to convert DRM video to DRM free formats, with 30x faster speed
  • Lossless removal of DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows to multiple non-Apple devices.
  • Best and fastest DRM M4V to MP4 converter.
  • Keeps AC3 5.1 Dolby surround sound, AAC stereo tracks, AD, CC, subtitles, etc.
  • Easy to use software


It is quite easy to implement this software in your operating system. All you need to do is to search for the iTunes video DRM removal windows free software or download a DRM Media converter for windows crack or simply go ahead and buy the premium version of the Tuneskit DRM Media converter. The software is pretty lightweight (around 2MB), hence can be downloaded and installed quite easily.


Once done, open the software and choose the destination folder for the converted file. Thereafter, go to the iTunes library and add the file that you want to convert. Click on convert and the software will start to remove the DRM in the given video file. Alternatively, one can check the converted file in the converted folder at the top middle of the software window.


After thorough tests and trials, we have found the Tuneskit DRM Media converter to be easy to use and fast software that offers totally lossless conversion. If you have a collection of videos that you intend to watch on other devices as well, instead of sticking to the Apple devices only, this is the best software solution available on the market. When compared to the other devices that take around 15 minutes for DRM removal in a 1-hour length video, Tuneskit can do it just 5 minutes duration. The quality achieved with it is pretty awesome as well!

We would highly recommend that you test out this software for yourself using the trial version that is made available online. This should make you acquainted with the software details and give you more insights into its inbuilt functionality as well. On the whole, we would consider this as a product that is totally worth investing into! Just in case you have any doubts, give it a trial, won’t you?


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