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Websites have been around since the advent of the internet. 1991 is the year the first web page launched, and the popularity of websites has only gone up since then. Today, there are more than 1.5 billion websites. And chances are, there are more than thousands in the space you are competing in. So how do you stand out in the ocean of webpages, making sure your website communicates with your customers what your business stands for?

Here are five ways to stand out in the crowd and cut through the stiff competition:

Outstanding design

The first thing any user landing on your website looks at is the design. As they say, the first impression is the last impression, so you cannot miss out on beautifying your web design. If the design is dull, boring, and lifeless, the user will automatically exit. You want your web design to be flamboyant and welcoming. It should express your brand tone and voice. Here are some tips for developing a website to help you make better choices while working on your website’s structure and design.

Conversion-oriented web-copy

The content or web copy is the heart and soul of the entire maneuver. It is the foundational element that makes or breaks your business. If your web copy is poorly structured and focused on forcing products down users’ throats, you will not get any business. If there’s one thing that’s common in all poor-performing websites, it’s bad sales copy. To stand out among them all, writing good conversion-oriented copy is a must. This means using actionable CTAs, using clear sentences, compelling action words, addressing their pain points, and writing in your users’ language. These are some of the ways you can stand out using your web copy.

Be authentic

It is always lucrative to post ridiculous numbers and stats and brag unnecessarily on your website. But this doesn’t work anymore. It might have worked in the early days, but nowadays, users are savvy. They know the distinction between real and made-up results, so be wary of what you post. When everyone in your competition is posting all kinds of made-up stuff, you go the other way and be authentic. Post actual results and information related to your business without the aim of outright selling to anyone that lands on the website. You’ll not only stand out in the crowd but will be better at building a relationship with your audience just by being authentic.

Be relevant

How many times did you visit a website only to find that it talks about something which was relevant five years ago? Or they have a blog dated April 2005? This is a problem with most websites, overcoming which will give you an edge. The standard is to update it at least eleven times a month. It might seem like a difficult thing to do, but according to research, updating your website more than eleven times can triple your traffic over time. You will not only increase your traffic but will be able to stand out in the crowd with fresh and relevant information.

Listen to your prospects

Most of the websites that you see today seem like posters with one-way communication forcing their ideas, beliefs, and products on users. This practice disenchants whoever lands on your website, and that’s not the way you want to start your relationship with your prospects. Your prospects always leave essential data on their journey surfing the internet. Do your research and collect these little data inputs, both first-hand and second-hand, to make the users feel comfortable and more likely to buy. You can perform split-tests and A/b testing and build on those results. This will make your website stand out more than anything else.

Final Words

When everyone is fighting hard for that piece of attention in the digital era, standing out in the crowd is not that easy. However, if you focus on some elements and think by stepping into your users’ shoes, you can differentiate from most, if not all. The above five ways focus on the most critical factors that every performing brand keeps in mind. Ticking these five boxes will not only make your website stand out but will also help you by increasing your conversion rates.


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