Wondering how in all these years – things have so changed that the old times look ancient to us. What is more surprising is that it’s us behind all these transformations that have led to a world of technology where everything is just a thought away!

Discoveries take the need, and then a step to fulfill it. When they say, necessity is the mother of invention – they say it right.

The significant breakthroughs are regarding transportation and communication. Both of them have helped trade and led to a better economic status worldwide.

Transportation Evolution

It’s phenomenal how in the 1880s a German invented a Motorwagen, and they did not just stick to it, but they worked and modified it to make it into the modern cars of today. By the time, they changed not only its appearance but also the functionality. The automotive scientists added the better engine, better wheels supporting 4WD, and much more.

The technological aspects added navigation, and crash prevention system as well. It took years of working and brainstorming to get to the present form of what we call a ‘modern car’. However, all of this success did not restrict them, and they are still working to bring in more and more they can.

It’s just one example of how humans have brought wondrous discoveries and inventions. The development of Airplanes is one such example. It has made traveling so easier that we searched the dust and sand of each forest and snow of each mountain top. Likewise, the transformation of an ordinary computer into a laptop and then connecting it with the Internet is also one great example of technological advancement that leaves us awe.


  • A boost in trading helping to stabilize economic pressures.
  • Faster migration of people from one part of the world to another.
  • It has resulted in a worldwide and quick transfer of ideas.
  • Enhancement in the tourism sector.
  • Led to the creation of employment.
  • It has expanded the knowledge of humankind about the deepest seas and the highest mountains.

Does it often agitate you to realize that without the courage to bring in something new, we would have been just stuck in the past with nothing of it?

It does – like no technophile on Earth would not be afraid to think of life without all these digital hits. Just as people fear losing the things they love; a technophile may fear losing technology. Like who knows!

Communication Advancements

An addition to it is telephone systems which started with a simple idea of trying to send human voice over a wire to the other side. All these notions, in the beginning, looked absurd, and a rational human mind did not accept them. However, consistency and efforts materialized these ideas.

Phone systems that started as a simple transmitter changed into a full-fledged complex telephony system connected with lots of cables and wires. It made communication to the whole world possible. After reaching the peak of technological advances, what the scientists are striving for is to lower down the cost of all these luxuries and normalize them.

The businesses are growing tremendously, because of all the collaborations and advances in the business sector with technology. At present, the phone systems have evolved so that they work with the Internet – this system of telephony is called VoIP. Companies offer many different business VoIP solutions for small to medium businesses who could not afford their telephone exchanges. The discovery of IP telephony has helped businesses provide the following advantages.


  • Modern IP phones are hosted in the cloud. Therefore, all your data remains safe and secure.
  • Cost-effective alternative to communication systems.
  • It is a scalable solution for growing businesses.
  • Provides an opportunity to work remotely.
  • Modern phones offer you the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want.
  • A reliable way of communication.
  • Offers you accessibility to cater to major communication problems.

Besides these breakthroughs, others have made life much more plain-sailing and trouble-free. The emphasis here lies on the fact – that all of this would not have been possible if we did not feel for more and worked for more. So, there is always room for technological changes that we should never restrict.


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