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How to Track your Heart Rate with your Smartphone camera [Without Buying Galaxy S5]

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2014)

Heart rate tracking through smartphone can only be done through Samsung Galaxy S5. If you’re agreeing this statement, I’m sure that you haven’t heard about Runtastic heart rate scanner. Your heart rate or pulse can also be checked with the help of your smartphone by using Runtastic heart rate scanner. I have been using this app for weeks and thought to publish about this as I see many people arguing about this as the unique feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 make use of specific heart rate sensor to track your pulse and even though your smartphone is not equipped with that one, you can still utilize your phone’s camera and flash to check your pulse. When I used this app for the first time, I was much curious to know about its working and accuracy. I checked it with various conditions such as before workout, after workout, during bedtime etc. What I found was quite interesting and let’s see how it works.

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Runtastic is a popular brand in health and fitness category and they have already published lots of useful apps to make you workout. Their push-ups pro is my favorite app and that actually helped me to do 70 push-ups per day. No wonder why they created an awesome app to track your pulse with the help of your smartphone’s camera sensor.

How Does Runtastic Heart Rate Tracker Work?

Runtastic heart rate checker’s working is based on your phone’s camera sensor. All you have to do is just put your index finger over your camera lens. If your phone is having flash LED, make sure you are also covering it with your index finger. Once it detects your pulse, it will measure your heart rate and display the most accurate pulse reading. Here are my pulse rate results.

check pulse rate with smartphone

Track heart rate with smartphone


check pulse heart rate with runtastic app


As you can see, I have checked my pulse with three different physical conditions and they have been tracked and shown as graph in the front page. Moreover, this app has got a mind blowing UI that wouldn’t make you fizzy anyway. The pulse rate is being categorized according to the BPM count and is shown with respect to three color levels; green, yellow and red.

Runtastic heart rate tracker is also available in Pro version which has much more amazing features. Now avail the flagship’s feature even in your 6k or 10k smartphone with the help of Runtastic heart rate tracker. You can download the app through Play store or iTunes  though this link.

Download Runtastic Heart Rate Tracker for Android – Link

Download Runtastic Heart Rate Tracker for iPhone – Link

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