Cryptocurrency can be called one of the youngest means for storing assets and fast transactions of any amount between holders of electronic wallets. At the same time, these currencies have firmly established themselves in the market, and the number of reputable and reliable exchanges offering registration and convenient service for asset holders is growing every year. Unfortunately, risks are increasing in direct proportion, and hacker attacks are increasingly occurring in the industry, which leads users to lose money and lack anonymity. Our official website allows customers to download the application and register in it, which will provide them with complete security and confidentiality of every transaction related to cryptocurrencies, and the features, as well as the main advantages of this software, are described in detail below.

What features are available to registered Touchwallet users?

The considered multifunctional Touchwallet application, which can be easily downloaded both on a PC and any mobile device, regardless of the operating system, is popular among the majority of owners of cryptocurrency assets in any country in the world. This software from the well-known company AnonymousGlobal with a worldwide reputation provides all registered users with the following convenient and useful features:

· The main function based on which the application in question was created is a guarantee to each customer of the complete anonymity of his transactions with cryptocurrency, as well as the confidentiality of his data, the number of a cryptocurrency wallet on any exchange, and other information.

· One of the main achievements of the developers of this digital application is the creation of a robot intermediary in cryptocurrency transactions Mixer, which accepts a payment and redirects it to the addressee in the shortest possible time. At the same time, any user data, as well as information about the transaction, including the amount and time, are not recorded anywhere – the participants in the transaction, including the sender and recipient, remain completely anonymous.

· Given that the platform works with many cryptocurrency exchanges and coins, the rate between which fluctuates every minute, depending on external factors and trading volume, it is often difficult for users to determine the exact amount of a transaction, which often causes errors that lead to loss of money. To prevent this from happening, Touchwallet provides a convenient function for synchronizing rates between currencies and exchanges, as well as automated assistance to customers.

· When developing the Touchwallet application, increased attention was paid to the security of user data. The creators of the platform have achieved the introduction of multi-stage encryption codes, and unique sequences of digital keys that can be used only once. Thus, all customer data, as well as any transactions, are guaranteed to be protected from third-party cyber-attacks, since no attacker will be able to track this transfer from one account to another, which eliminates the risk of money theft.

According to market analysis by experts, this Touchwallet application is one of the most protected from third-party cyber-attacks in the world today, thanks to the use of only advanced technologies by operators and developers. This is because all operations that are carried out in the system completely exclude obedience to linear laws. The transaction algorithm always changes along with the creation of a new digital encryption key. This indicates the impossibility of selecting a mechanism for hacking an account, as well as restoring or copying information about an already completed operation, as well as unauthorized entry into a crypto wallet registered in the name of the asset holder.

What are the main advantages of working with the Touchwallet digital cryptocurrency platform?

Considering that the platform was developed with the most advanced technologies in mind, many real satisfied consumers appreciated it on their own experience, which allowed them to highlight the following undeniable advantages over software from most competing companies that offer the same services to customers, such as:

· 24/7 technical support from professional experts and consultants.

· The response time of the technical support service is no more than 1 – 3 minutes, depending on the complexity of the task set by the customer.

· A request to the technical support service can be generated from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

· A request to a technical support consultant can be made through the feedback form on the official website of the company, as well as by e-mail, or contact a specialist online via live chat.

· Quick switching of the account of the holder of cryptocurrency assets from one wallet to another, both within the same platform and between different exchanges with which Touchwallet maintains partnerships.

· The average account switching time for a customer is 1 to 2 minutes, without losing previously saved data.

· The software in question is associated with the CloudFarmer system, which rents out cloud storage of information and sites on third-party servers for registering a MiningWallet digital wallet, for any amount. This advantage allows the user to earn additional profit by paying a commission for withdrawing money, as well as paying regular rent to the platform holder.

· One of the unique features of the software in question is the ability to connect the Pre-ICO system. This algorithm opens up a pre-sale to a registered consumer of profitable, promising tokens that have not yet been announced for general sale on various exchanges. This, first of all, guarantees the minimum value of each unit of the asset in terms of cryptocurrency, as well as the maximum profit, immediately after the start of its growth, in case of increased attention from the general public.

· The possibility of placing deposits on the most favorable terms with the payment of dividends within the time limits established under the tariff plan and the contract.

· The use of advanced Crypto Mixer technologies, which provides customers with complete confidentiality of each transaction, without registering information about amounts and dates, times of transactions.

· Many users, professional traders, as well as market experts, as well as beginners, and holders of cryptocurrency assets, leave only positive feedback about working with the service on independent forums on the network.

Registration in the system is done in just 3 simple steps, for no more than 5 minutes, after downloading the application utility. Many users note Touchwallet as one of the most advanced, convenient, and secure platforms for conducting transactions related to cryptocurrencies.