As network connectivity and infrastructure are developing quickly along with a rise in the online user base, the number of devices connected to the internet is also increasing. Due to Covid Pandemic, the traditional way of operating businesses became impossible; as a result, it became essential to find new ways to continue operations while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Hence, the demand for IoT has seen exponential growth since 2021. So, let us precisely understand what IoT is and discuss the top IoT Trends to explore in 2022.

What exactly is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Many connected smart devices create a network over the internet for sending and receiving data refers to an IoT (Internet of Things). These devices can be smart wearables, smartphones, computers, or other network-enabled electronic devices.

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IoT is the combination of both hardware and software components embedded together to be able to communicate and transfer data over the internet. The components could be sensors that help devices to be aware of their surroundings and are supported by the drivers and software that regulates the sensor’s working.

The contribution of IoT in businesses to improve their operations and user experience along with technological enhancement has grown significantly over the past few years, and the future of IoT will bring a lot of new IoT trends in 2022.

It is expected that more companies will open up their doors to welcome Internet of Things trends in 2022 as IoT technologies are much more capable of calculating data analytics, integrating AI technology, executing complex tasks, and handling massive data sets.

Exploring Top IoT trends in 2022

Technological advancements have led to some significant IoT innovations, and there are some great IoT predictions to look out for in 2022:

1. Cybersecurity Enhancement

The use of internet-connected devices has outnumbered the population of the planet. And this growing curve is expected to rise further as due to a pandemic and lockdowns, the remote working and education culture has become a normal norm, and organizations are investing heavily in creating their network of IoT.

But the problem lies here that most of the owners of smart devices are unaware of the security practices they should imply, hence, making cybersecurity an issue of concern.

According to the report of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, more than 1.5 billion attacks targeted IoT devices in the second half of 2021. To cope with this issue of security in IoT devices, many IT firms are now launching products with timely updates, building secure IT ecosystems.

2. Healthcare Industry and IoT

The Healthcare industry has been using IoT technology for a long time, but its contribution has been low. It was during the pandemic when the healthcare industry was overwhelmed by mismanagement the need for technological advancement was felt.

The healthcare industry has been the leader in IoT adoption, right from maintaining patient records to innovating new technological equipment and collecting huge data sets.

And the introduction of basic health devices with IoT to innovate smart wearables, oximeters, etc., has helped people in changing their lifestyles and habits. And in 2022, we can expect this trend to continue with hands-free IoT products that use advanced sensor technology like radar to detect chronic diseases.

3. IoT in the Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry has always been benefitted from the implementation of IoT technology for its operations. IoT has played a big role in turning manufacturing units into smart factories by the use of sensors for deducting problems in production, maintaining equipment with regular repairs data, and fixing security issues.

It is sure that the automation of processes in the manufacturing industry will be the trend in 2022 for IoT technology. For getting superior quality products and improving the production rate, businesses will use IoT to gather data and increase efficiency.

4. 5G Converge in IoT

The introduction of the 5G network has provided better connectivity, data speed, network reliability, and transfer rates in mobile networking. As we know that IoT is a connection of devices over the internet; therefore, the use of the 5G network has a positive impact on it.

With the use of the 5G network, IoT devices can connect to the internet quickly and transfer data sets at a higher speed. Also, the 5G network services providers will use the present IoT protocols for their R&D to develop robust network parameters.

5. Adoption of IoT and its Applications in AI and ML

IoT is a huge network of devices that uses sensors to gather data from their surroundings, and this data can be used in numerous ways for different purposes by using techniques like Big data to analyze the complicated and huge pile of data to extract valuable information.

These extracted data can be used to teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. By using this process, giant companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon were able to develop smart technologies with better decision-making capabilities and improvised data analytics performance.

Key Takeaways

Although IoT technology was introduced way back in the early 2000s, it has been in use more lately due to improvements in network connectivity and demand for systematic IT ecosystems in organizations. The future of IoT devices depends on the new innovations, but it is sure that the trend for the Internet of Things will continue in 2022.

Above we have discussed the few trends and IoT predictions that are already in use, but with new innovations, they will keep evolving to provide better usage of IoT technology. And of course, cybersecurity is the major topic of concern with the emerging use of IoT adoption in 2022, but if the right measures are taken, and the users will get educated regarding the use of smart devices, we can reduce the number of cyberattacks drastically.

In short, the future applications of IoT technology are limitless, and we can expect to see some great innovations with upcoming IoT trends in 2022.

Author bio:-

Kosha Shah is a digital strategist at Technostacks Infotech, a top web, mobile, and IoT app development company in India, USA, and UK. She writes engaging blog topics for trends, mobile, and industry software news.