Mobile apps have changed human lives for good and are considered the most promising technology. Artificial intelligence, aka AI, is also one such breakthrough technology that has completely transformed many industries. AI is a booming market, and as per IDC, a market research firm, the worldwide AI market is anticipated to reach over half a trillion U.S. dollars by 2024. Every company today is adopting AI technology to boost their revenues and serve better. According to Statista, marketing and sales are two operations that benefit the most from adopting AI technology. Seventy-nine percent of respondents admitted that these two departments in their organizations witnessed an increase of five percent or more after adopting AI.

Mobile apps powered by AI have emerged as one of the most powerful mobile app development trends. Mobile app developers are looking to make more intuitive, interactive, and innovative apps by integrating AI in app development. AI technology in mobile apps has influenced many industries such as healthcare, tourism, banking, financial services, etc. In this post, we’ll focus on ways that AI has transformed the shopping experience through retail apps. The integration of AI has helped e-commerce and retail apps a great deal in making the shopping experience better, leading to higher revenues. So, let’s move forward and learn more about AI and how it’s influencing the shopping experience.

#1 24/7 help availability

AI is playing a pivotal role in improving customer satisfaction and experience by ensuring that every customer query is solved in real-time without long waiting hours. Although human service centers may seem pretty reliable, none can ensure 24/7 availability. This usually occurs during the peak shopping season when customer service may run under high load as more buyers than usual days might need help. At such times customers might need to wait for hours for the customer service representative to reach back to them and listen to their queries. But AI-powered chatbots and customer help centers can help solve this problem substantially.

Artificial intelligence can access and analyze thousands of data to help chatbots solve customer problems without any human intervention. AI-powered chatbots have the power to solve almost every customer query by analyzing the customer care data regarding the kind of queries human executives solve and in methods employed. This AI-powered customer service center ensures that customers’ needs and problems are addressed 24/7 and in minimal wait time. By providing better customer service and satisfactory purchases, AI helps in improving the shopping experience. Owing to this benefit, AI technology integration in mobile app development is a most evolving trend.

#2 By understanding customer needs and preferences

The most significant benefit of integrating artificial intelligence in retail apps is that it can help organizations understand the customer and their needs better. AI, along with machine learning, helps retail and eCommerce apps accumulate and analyze customer-centric data to learn more about them. The data may include shopping history, search patterns, behavioral traits, and much more. AI continuously stores and analyzes this data that helps it in analyzing customer behavior and understanding their needs to serve them better.

Customer behavioral data helps determine efficient marketing and sales strategies to boost revenue and improve the customer experience. For example, a person prefers to go to their regular salon instead of experimenting with a new one because the former understands the particular customer and his needs. In the same way, a customer would prefer to stay on a retail platform that understands and values their choices. Hence it’s advisable to integrate AI technology in retail apps to improve customer experience by learning their needs and preferences and making them feel valued.

#3 Personalization

Personalization is the most effective tool to boost customer engagement, experience, and retention. As discussed above, AI reads, stores, and analyzes the customer data continuously to understand the customer better. By utilizing this data collected through mobile apps, retail chains can boost personalization by devising a customer-centric marketing strategy. Using the recent search patterns in retail apps with the help of AI, personalized offers can be curated to help buyers buy the product they want at attractive prices. This not only results in increased sales and revenues but also boosts customer loyalty. Through personalized offers, customers can buy every product they need without hesitation hence ensuring that the customer always picks your eCommerce app instead of the other available options. App development service seekers must check the list of top mobile app development companies cataloged by GoodFirms to find the right service provider matching your needs.

#4 Right product recommendations

Artificial intelligence helps boost personalization by analyzing customer shopping patterns and behavior. We discussed how personalization could help curate the best offers for every customer based on their needs and preferences. With the help of AI retails apps can also provide product recommendations. By studying the seasonal buying patterns of the customer, suitable product recommendations can be made to the customers. AI helps make the relevant product recommendations that won’t only push customers to make the purchase but will also help improve the customer experience.

Before AI, many marketing strategies tried recommending products to the customers via push notifications in the apps but failed to do so. The most valid reason is that the strategy ended up annoying customers by recommending the wrong product due to a lack of precise data analytics. In contrast, AI can analyze customer behavior accurately, thus helping retailers share the right product recommendations that will surely help customers and businesses via push notifications, email marketing, etc.

Wrapping up

Artificial intelligence is evolving as a promising technology, and its integration into mobile apps has been a groundbreaking innovation. Through mobile apps, AI has helped many industries to thrive and serve better in several ways. In this post, we talked about how AI in retail apps is helping improve customer’s shopping experience. The best way AI helps is by assisting retailers in understanding customers and curating ways to serve them better to improve customer experience. Understanding customer needs and preferences is a key to making them feel valued, which is also a key to customer retention.

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