There are certain situations where traditional marketing is useful, but it is not as powerful as it has been in the past. In today’s digital age, it’s all about content marketing. Once you have content, you need to actively push it on social media to expand and grow your target audience. This requires the use of a set of content creation tools. We’ll give you two examples of tools for each type of content.


Video Creating Tools


FlexClip is a great online video montage maker for creating great promotional videos in minutes. Using video editing software like Sony Vegas or even the legendary Final Cut, which, with the limitations of each one, can allow you to make interesting creations. But it depends a lot on your skill and knowledge.

In this sense, FlexClip provides the option that anyone who does not have much technical knowledge can create promotional videos online, which is fun and engaging. With the limitation of having a low monthly cost, it is especially fun to take advantage of a version that allows us to create clips.


Soapbox is a great new video production tool recently released by Wistia. It is a Chrome extension. Allows anyone to record, edit, and share the video. And because it’s so easy to use, there’s no learning curve: with a few minutes and a few mouse clicks, you’re done.

Creating video content becomes more and more important in the marketing world, but many marketing departments don’t have the resources or enough budget to hire a videographer. With Soapbox, you can make the regular text content you’ll create anyway and then add a video intro or video explanations all the time – all without the hassle of trying to learn complex software.


Search Engine Tools

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads is one of the most sought after among other content creation tools, with which you can find what the best keywords to target with your ad campaigns are, and countless marketers use them to do just that.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Check the performance of your content and start by going to the source. With content, Google is always where you should start. This tool offers slightly different insights that you can use to measure the performance of your content so that you can make improvements and adjustments and change your process in the future.


Writing Tools

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a big problem, especially in the world of marketing. If you are caught plagiarizing someone else’s work, even if it was just unintentionally, it could have major ramifications for you and your brand: lawsuits, damaged reputation, and even poor search engine rankings. If you want to quickly scan textual content to avoid suspicion of plagiarism, just use this tool.

Tool Headline Analyzer

Headlines are the most important components of your blog posts: they’re the first thing your audience reads, so you have to make it count. A live headline encourages the reader to click through to your article, and hopefully, it prompts them to continue to the bottom of the article. If you are not sure if your title is good enough, just paste it into Headline Analyzer and get free help that you can use to fine-tune the title so that it better suits your audience.

Image Creating Tools

Nimbus Screenshot

A screenshot is a simple way to create an image for inclusion in your blog or social media posts. It is especially important if you are trying to guide the reader through a process. We all know that there is a keyboard shortcut to capture the full screen, there is a “Snip” tool on computers that are running Windows, but each of the borders. Nimbus Screenshot is a free chrome extension with good franchises.


Infographics are becoming more and more popular among content marketers, and for a good reason: they’re visual, easy to share, and they’re easier to understand and process faster than most texts. It could be difficult to start creating infographics if you are not a graphic designer. Thanks to Designcap, you can now quickly and easily create infographics yourself, even if you don’t have any design skills.


There are many great tools out there for your content creating and we choose some of the one we prefer. Hope it could be helpful and if you want to tell us the tools you usually use, comment and share with us below.