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Are you planning to decipher the art of 3D printing? Well, it may seem difficult but a bit of research is bound to make a difference. There are many factors that play a role. For example, you need to understand the kind of filaments you need.

You should be able to compare the different filaments available. For example, you should understand the key difference between pla vs abs. To make things easy, we will give you some more tips about 3D printing.

What you need to remember when opting for 3D printing

Remember to level the bed

When indulging in 3D printing, it is crucial that you level the bed. The nozzle also needs to be at an optimal distance above the bed. You can also level the bed manually. Make use of a sheet of paper for determining the distance between the bed and the nozzle.

If you want to make things easy for you, then you can make use of a bed leveling sensor.

Consider maintaining your printer

It is also vital that you maintain your printer. What is worth mentioning is that every 3D printer has its individual features. You need to focus on various aspects to improve the quality of the print. For example, you need to take pain to keep the bed of the printer clean.

You need to lubricate the rails also. It is also vital that you level the bed on a regular basis. It is also mandatory that you calibrate the extruder.

It is mandatory to care for the filament

When you want to get the best print quality, then it is crucial that you care for the filament also. It is vital that many of the filaments tend to absorb water. Materials like Nylon and ABS tend to absorb water and this can affect the quality of the print.

It is vital that you store the spools in plastic bins. It is easy to dry the spools at a low temperature.

Closing the gaps

You will also need to close the gaps in 3D printing. However, it is crucial that you decipher why the gaps appear in the first place. Most of the time gaps occur due to under extrusion and over extrusion. The best approach is that you need to look at the flow rate first.

When you want to change the value of the flow, then consider making only small adjustments in the beginning.

It is vital that you focus on the speed of the print also. The reason is that speed tends to have a vital impact on the quality of the print. There are times when the first layer sticks with ease. You might also notice a line where the nozzle tends to drag across the surface.

Lack of filament retraction can cause this problem. If you focus on all these essentials then acquiring superior print quality will become more of an easy job. Stick to these basic rules by all means for sure.

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