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CS:GO is all about intense games and big tourneys, but no team would ever play it right without a huge brain leading the way. These key players are coaches who play a vital role in giving the team the strategies and advice they need to win games.

Coaches are the brilliant minds who help their teams score wins. These coaches work as a guide to most of the star players in the CS:GO community over the years and it is their job to lead them to success. This is why they are a vital part of the game and every roster has named one.

Coaches have made a big impact on how esports games are played. Aside from CS:GO, there are also coaches for Dota 2 and League of Legends, even StarCraft players have advisors in their games. That only proves how coaches turn the tide of any game and win it for their respective teams.

Many teams have their own captains, and these leaders rely on the coach’s expertise to help them out in the middle of the game. Coaches have been a keen force in most tourneys as they helped out in clutch moments. They provide an insight that most players fail to see.

On top of that, most CS:GO coaches are veterans and former stars who have led their teams to success back in the day. They impose the lessons they have earned over the years and it is the main reason why having a coach is a huge win that most fans can’t ignore at this point.

Coaching is never an easy task. Most people think that it is all about standing there and yelling at the players like they see in most sports. Being a coach means knowing the best plays for the team and directing them to improve their chances of winning.

Top coaches such as Aleksandar ‘kassad’ Trifunović, Danny ‘zonic’ Sørensen, and Slaava ‘Twista’ Räsänen are seen as the leaders in the game. Their teams were a menace in their lead and they did a great job to secure wins and titles along the way.


Kassad is a leader for some of the best teams in the league. His playing career saw him shine with the likes of, iNation, Refuse, and CSGO Saloon. In 2004, kassad took the world by storm as he soon rose to prominence as one of the top players in CS. His success brought him fame which made him credible as a coach.

The former CS star has always been a keen player and his discipline made him a reliable icon. He was a serious person in training sessions and brought the same mindset to his teams. That makes him a great leader of all sorts thanks to his prowess in the game over the years.

As a coach, kassad always had a good spirit in every team he led. The coach has a positive attitude in his games and is one of the consistent leaders in CS:GO. Kassad has led a total of nine teams in his tenure, which includes the likes of Cloud9, 100Thieves, Renegades, and mousesports.

Kassad is the current coach for EXTREMUM. The coach landed a deal with the team back in January 2021 and still aims to close out the year with a bang in the coming tourneys.


Twista is a coaching icon thanks to his impressive runs with ENCE back in the day. While he is banned by the ESIC for exploiting a bug in 2017, Twista is still seen as one of the best CS:GO coaches.

The coach is on the sidelines as a commentator and analyst. Since his permanent ban from Valve took place, fans were quick to praise the coach for his success over the years. Every CS fan knows how much impact he made in his games.

Aside from a Major silver, Twista’s success with ENCE saw him earn a lot of tourney wins and played a huge role in the team’s rise to dominance. He helped them thrive in a lot of key games and it showed his worth as a coach,

In addition to a Major silver, Twista led ENCE to several tourney wins and was a key factor in the team’s rise to prominence.

Coaches are there for a reason. They help the team thrive in certain situations and play a huge role in their success. While being a coach is hard, their passion and love for CS:GO is what drives them to continue as leaders.


Zonic is known as one of the best Danish players for CS 1.6. He had a huge success with many local teams and has tallied around $110,000 in prize money in his early days. He was also a founding member of the, which was one of the best 1.6 teams in history.

HLTV named Zonic as the 8th best player in 2010, which is a huge reason why he earned so much respect from players all over the world. On top of that, it was his consistency that did not wear out over the years of his 1.6 run.

Zonic made the huge call to retire from playing as soon as CS:GO was launched. He was the coach for Team Dignitas and soon made his move to return for mTw and play competitively. He was a huge promise for the squad but soon joined Team Questionmark as a coach and later founded Astralis in January 2016.

The time he spent with Astralis proved why he is one of the best leaders in the game. Astralis has won a total of four Majors in CS:GO, which is a huge feat for any coach. That also made Astralis a key pick in most betting markets as they continue to set the bar in the game.

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