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During the height of the summer heat, the last thing you want to have to happen during the trip you have looked forward to all year is to have your car break down. Everyone has some sort of vacation planned during the summer to give them something to look forward to in order to mentally make it through the year, whether it is a long road trip with an exciting destination or if it is just a road trip to visit family and friends. It is always a smart idea to be prepared for anything to happen, especially if you are traveling a long distance or traveling in the extreme summer heat. Being prepared will help ease any stress that the uncertainty may bring. Here are some tips to ensure safe summer travel.

Pack and Bring an Emergency Backpack

In the event that something happens and your car is no longer functioning, the thing you will be most relieved to have would be a backpack full of items to help you. In the desert, it gets over 100 degrees, so packing some extra water bottles, ice packs, a mini fan, and some snacks will help to get you through the heat. An umbrella can help give you some shade as well. Some other items that will help you would be a flashlight in case you break down at night, an old-fashioned physical map in case you are unable to get service, a spare tire, and tire iron in case you get a flat tire will help get you to the nearest location for help. Some other items that you might want to consider including in your car would be a blanket, some coolant, and some engine oil in the event that your car has leaked.

Determine If You Need A Tow

If something does happen to your car and is no longer able to drive, you might want to assess if you need a tow or not. Here are some things that will help you determine if you need a tow or if you can resolve the issue yourself. If your accident is so bad that your airbags have deployed or your car is no longer able to start, a tow truck may be in your future. However if the following are working, you can resolve the issues without one:

  • The steering works
  • The tires are intact and undamaged
  • There is no fluid leaking
  • The brakes are functioning properly
  • The car ignition is switching on
  • The battery is working (lights are turning on)

Call an Idaho Falls Tow Truck

If your car is unable to safely transport you anymore, unfortunately, it is time to call for a tow. Here are some things to do. First, make sure you take photos from every angle of your car. You will need this documentation for your insurance. Make sure you document everything, even anything your car may have hit. If you were the only one involved and your car is undamaged, but your tires have popped, a photo may be unnecessary but you can take one just in case. After you call an Idaho Falls towing company, you may want to check the tower’s credentials just to make sure they are not a random person trying to scam you. Once the tow truck arrives, make sure you know where they are taking your car so you are able to get there if you are not able to ride with the towing company. Once they hook up your car, you will be in good hands.

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