Top Reasons Why React Native Is The Best For Your Startup in 2022


why react native development is perfect for startups

At present, React Native is one of the trendiest app and web development frameworks among developers. It is a Javascript-based mobile app framework that enables developers to build native mobile applications for Android and iOS. React Native allows the development of apps for different platforms using the same codebase.

The support of Javascript data enables them to build applications with great versatility. React Native also offers cross-platform compatibility, which means developers can quickly build cross-platform apps without compromising the quality. Statistica carried out a developer survey in 2020, and it concluded that React Native is very popular among global developers because of its ease and the benefits offered.

Why is React Native Reliable For Startups?

Startups aim to move rapidly, and not to deny that mistakes will be made during the process. The framework employs an identical codebase, and so the apps developed using React Native are lighter than their counterparts. Most of the applications built using React Native take half the development time, otherwise taken by other frameworks.

Startups prefer React Native more because it helps save time and money. When you hire React Native developers, you enjoy the peace of mind that they will help your startup with high-quality codes. For a startup, three things are a priority; rapid iterations, quick scaling, and meeting deadlines. These three things help them earn a competitive edge and stay updated with the latest market trends.

That said, React Native app developers can effortlessly help their clients with highly scalable and flexible mobile apps.

5 Perks of React Native Development For Startups

Startups usually struggle with choosing the right development technology since many factors are considered. Let us go over a few perks offered by React Native when developing mobile apps.

Native Application Development

The inherent abilities of React Native are one of the widely discussed advantages offered. The user experience it provides is trustworthy, though expensive. That said, it is combined perfectly well with regional applications and provides an excellent UX for both Android and iOS apps. The best thing about React Native is that it helps build fast apps that never face frequent issues and other loading-related problems.

Cost-effective and Faster

The process of developing an app that works on all platforms is time-consuming. Also, you cannot afford to miss either iOS or Android users. One of the significant advantages of using React Native is that it helps develop an app much faster than expected, and code reusability makes it possible. That said, developers can reuse the codes for components of different OS.

React Native mobile app development services will help you cut down development costs to a great extent. The best part is that the framework is free to use, and its license doesn’t have a cost involved.

Web to Mobile App

React Native makes it possible for developers to transform a web-based app into a mobile-friendly app quickly. It provides a user interface that is highly flexible and friendly. Developers can also choose to take recommendations from web apps and then develop a test case. This test allows them to know if the web app can be converted easily into a mobile-friendly app or not. It is one of the major benefits of React Native app development.

Single Codebase

When you hire React Native developers, you will be surprised by the prices charged to get an app developed. The code reusability feature of the framework enables the developers to offer development services at cost-effective rates. This helps save a lot of developers’ time since they don’t have to write codes for the same component of a different OS.

Additionally, developers can write codes using almost similar programming languages and then link them to React Native. This enables the developers to include the features in their applications that are not available in the libraries of React Native. Single codebase helps reduce development time to a great extent, and they can use this time to enhance their app’s user experience.

Cross-platform App Development

If you plan to hire mobile app development services to get an app built for iOS or Android, we recommend getting one built using React Native. The framework helps build highly efficient apps that work great on all platforms. One of the major advantages of using React Native is that it offers all the required tools to build an app that works best for both iOS and Android.

React Native works well with all platforms. Additionally, if your startup has a specific target audience, React Native will help you reach your user base effectively and in the same timeframe. You will not have to worry about development time with React Native since it helps keep it to a minimum.

Most Genuine Things To Do For Your Startup

Building a mobile app is the most challenging for a startup. Several factors are to be examined, including the ideas for your project, framework, and services. You will also have to determine the cost you can spend to develop an app. With plenty of apps present on the Play Store and App store, you need to develop an innovative app idea and the best strategies to reach your target audience.

You need to concentrate on the following things when building a mobile app for your mobile app:

  • The idea of your app should stand out.
  • It should be designed in such a way that it delivers robust performance.
  • It should work well on all operating systems, like iOS and Android.

A few other elements worth considering are platform, features, company, cost, development timeframe, etc.

Hire Best Talent For React Native Development

We have helped several startups and established businesses to gain profits and popularity with the development of React Native apps. We have developed top-quality, cross-platform apps with our extensive experience in React Native development. Hire react native developers to get highly engaging applications that deliver robust performance across all platforms.

We strive to provide well-optimized solutions that will help your business stand out. By hiring our expert team of developers, you get to enjoy the peace of mind that you are working with the best React Native developers.


The demand for React Native framework and its developers grows with each passing day. If you are a startup and are looking forward to gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace, we recommend hiring React Native developers. It helps develop premium mobile apps with the same codebase in iOS and Android. If you are looking to get a remarkable mobile app developed with high-end features, React Native is the ultimate choice. It helps offer flexibility, adaptability, and scalability.

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