Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python Today


With a rapidly developing and growing world revolving around the likes of AI, machine learning, and coding, Python is a highly popular language with a universal appeal that opens up the doors to the programming world. Developers and programmers from around the world choose python over the plethora of other programming languages because it is easy to read, write, and learn.

The efficiency and effectiveness of this programming language have attracted various tech giants like Cisco, Google, Quora, and IBM are a few.

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The list of top reasons to learn python is quite long but here I am mentioning the top nine reasons why you should learn python-

1. Nothing can be simpler than Python!

In Python, the complexities are eliminated so you can focus on the necessary parts thus making it easy to learn, read, and write.

New programmers are always eager to write their first code but they get discouraged soon due to the need to learn the necessary syntax of the programming language before they can start coding. Python’s simple syntax is beginner-friendly and it almost resembles English.

This is why Python is used in most of the fields as it lets you straight to the research part so that you don’t worry about the documentation.

2. It is highly flexible and versatile

Python is highly flexible and extensible as it allows you to practice cross-language operations without any difficulty. A lot of the applications made with python are integrated with the other programming languages which include Python combined with Ruby or Python written with Objective C Toolkits.

The tech industry, as well as the other industries, have a high demand for Python because it is simple to understand and has easy integration with other programming languages. It contains a big set of libraries which make it more future-oriented and a good option to handle.

3.Data Science

Python is the most preferred language for many data scientists to drive their operations. The Data science industry deals with huge data making and Python helps to analyze such data in less time with efficiency. The skills that people gain with python will help to maintain steadiness and accelerate the growth quickly.

In the area of Data Science, most of the jobs demand people with Python. The release of ‘Numpy’ and ‘Panda’ has made it more attractive and demanding and Python will continue to rise in Data science.

4.A library with all resources

Python has a library that can fulfill all your data science needs to develop websites and other useful things. A wide range of collection over the years in Python Library make it victorious over any other language as it includes NumPy, SciPy and StatsModel.

NumPy was the first library with extensive mathematical high-level functions operating at different levels to meet your requirements and make it the first choice for every user.

SciPy is a free and open-source library of Python which contains modules for optimization and image processing to solve some.

StatsModel is a module in Python to estimate different statistical models.

5.Numerous Testing frameworks and Data Visualization

Whenever someone wants to validate or test a product, Python always tops the list as it comprises built-in testing frameworks that help in debugging and speeding up workflows. The framework in Python helps you to get rid of unnecessary elements and speeding up your workflow. Few of the frameworks are PyTest, Robot, and Behave.

6. Python embraces scripting

Python is just not used to built websites but it is also used for scripting as well. It has marvelous features that can make any scripting look unique as it doesn’t involve any complexities. It is different from other programming languages which need compilation for scripting

We are humans and we tend to make mistakes but in Python, the machine will interpret the code and ensure there are no errors. The error-free code can be used a countless number of times. Thus, Python is one of the most popular coding languages making every step simple and making scripting look great.

7.Active and Supportive Community

Most people do not have the idea about Python tools but one thing that you should know for sure is that it is backed up by a programming community. Simple it means that programming is not a solo sport. Suppose, you are doing some work and you get confused regarding a code, the python community has people that will be ready to help you in no time. Since each day a new user joins, the community gets expanded and the programmers learn more from the members. If a developer has developed a tool, he will add it to the library and enrich the language.

8.High Salaries

With the rise in technology and the advancement in the economy, the common goal of every individual is to earn money. People with Python skills will never face a problem because the industry needs such skillful people. The salaries offered to Python developers are the best in industry and their graph will always rise and never decline because growth is permanent.

On average. A python developer in the United States earns an amount of $114,000 which is quite impressive. You can work at the top positions which include Software developer, programming expert, and Software Engineer.

9.Artificial Intelligence

Python has a great set of libraries that benefit the developers as they don’t have to code again from the start again and again. The AI is filled with data and Python deals with the data in an effective way to give the best results. Python helps ease the complexities in AI through its popular AI-based Python Libraries.


Learning Python can help you grow and promise you a thriving career where you will learn new things each day. Wearing victory on the sleeves, a python developer will never fall in this advancing world. Its simplicity and easiness make it easy to read, write and learn, and making itself preferred by the people of different industries and sectors. It will open the grate of success for you.


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