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OPPO smartphones are getting increasingly popular all over the world, especially in Asian countries like Indonesia. The Chinese tech giant launched their popular OPPO Reno series in 2019, which includes models like the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom and the OPPO Reno5 Pro. However, OPPO is constantly improving the product line-up to solidify its place as one of the best smartphone brands on the market. If you are looking for a new smartphone, here are some reasons why you should consider getting one from the OPPO Reno series.

Fast Performances

All the top smartphones in the market come with an efficient processor and so does the smartphones in the OPPO Reno series. The smartphones are powered by some of the world’s best processors and chipsets such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+.

These powerful processors allow for faster performance and some models also integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines for a boost in performance and an increase in power of up to 45%. Even the budget models from the Reno series carry decent processors and chipsets so you can still get great performance at a more affordable price.

Sleek Designs

What matters to a good smartphone is the inside but that does not mean that you should compromise style just to get great performance. We already know that the OPPO Reno series comes with a fast performance processing unit in the interior, but the exterior is just as impressive. Some design features include a bezel-less display, curved edges, and a smooth rear camera layout.

The bezel-less display is especially impressive because it allows for up to 93% screen-to-body ratio for a more immersive viewing experience, whether it is for your games or your movies. The curved edges give off a nicer feel when you hold the smartphone in your hands and the smooth rear camera layout means that there is no more awkward bumpiness. The smartphones also come in a variety of colours so you can choose one that suits your preference.

Amazing Camera Systems

If there is one highlight to every smartphone model under the OPPO Reno series, it will be the amazing cameras. The series itself was marketed to be camera-focused so the company had to step up and deliver only the best camera systems you can get in a smartphone. Almost all the models from the Reno series feature multiple rear cameras and they all work incredibly to give you the best results.

Not only will you get stunning photos with an OPPO Reno smartphone, but you will also be able to shoot studio-quality videos with ease. The smartphones allow for video shooting of up to 4K resolution and you can also use the optical image stabilisation (OIS) and Audio Focus technology to produce clear and vivid videos with incredible sound. You can also take brilliant night shots with a Reno smartphone because some models come with features like Ultra Night Mode for sharp photos under low-light conditions.

Immersive Gaming Experiences

The OPPO Reno series obviously caters to the photographers, but they also remembered to give some attention to the mobile gamers. That is why some of the OPPO Reno smartphones come with features that are optimized for the best gaming experiences. We have already mentioned the powerful processors but that is not the only thing Reno smartphones have to offer to gamers.

OPPO has a feature called HyperBoost that is specially developed for gamers because it helps to optimise the gaming experience by ensuring a smoother refresh rate and more stability while you are gaming. One smartphone under the OPPO Reno series is also the world’s first smartphone to obtain the TÜV’s High-Performance Certification for Games.

Fast Charging Capabilities

There is no use for all these incredible features if you cannot enjoy them because of low batteries. That is why OPPO Reno smartphones come with fast charging capabilities so you will never have to go long without your trusty smartphone. Some models from the series also offer a massive battery capacity of up to 4350mAh while still maintaining a compact size.

One example of a fast-charging Reno smartphone would be the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom which comes with VOOC 3.0 flash charging technology. This technology is based on a low voltage pulse algorithm and with the customized battery developed by OPPO, you can charge your Reno smartphone from 0% to 75% in just 30 minutes. That means you do not have to spend hours waiting for your phone to get to a full charge and you will be free to go on with your day without worrying about your phone running out of juice.