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Software development has gotten heavily influenced by software component Marketplaces. As the need for software components increased, it became very common for software developers to sell their Source Code to support the community and earn revenue from their work.

It does, however, prove difficult to find a sustainable and secure Marketplace as software components and code are very different from tangible products. They are prone to being plagiarized and duplicated and they can also be lost amidst the tons of languages and categories in the market.

So let’s take a quick look at the top Marketplaces for selling source code!

The PieceX Marketplace

Out of all the Source Code Platforms in the market, the new rising giant, PieceX, is considered to be the top in terms of usability, variety, and features.

Aside from its very easy-to-use interface, with specified pages for sellers to register and sell their code as well as pages for buyers to browse and purchase the source code they need, the PIeceX Marketplace is also equipped with an arsenal of features.

  • Dynamic AI Pricing

One of the main things that distinguish PieceX from the other Marketplaces is its revolutionary patented AI that helps buyers on the marketplace find the products most suitable for them as well as assists sellers by dynamically pricing their products.

  • Source Code Inspection

The PieceX Marketplace also inspects all Source Code listed into its platform, this serves as means to assist sellers of the source code perfect their products as well as protect buyers from faulty or buggy code.

The PieceX Marketplace also has two more platforms recently developed to fulfill the needs of the software market.

  • PieceX OSS (Open Source Support)

This platform is developed entirely for the Open Source Community aiming to give users of Open Source code the support they need from the developers of the code as well as give owners of the Open Source code the opportunity to monetize their support.

  • PieceX IoT (Internet of Things)

This platform allows sellers of Hardware products advertise their products and allows the sale of IoT software to help automate hardware processes.

These features and many more make PieceX the frontrunner for software component trading in the market at the current moment.

2. CodeCanyon

As an Envato business, CodeCanyon remains one of the oldest and most prominent marketplaces for software component purchase in the market.

It is heavily specialized in specific languages and offers a variety of Source code products that could benefit your business with categories ranging from eCommerce plugins to mobile apps to PHP source code.

It also has a good variety of WordPress themes for websites and eCommerce.

3. Codester

With a great standing in the software component market, Codester has a great variety of premium PHP scripts as well as a window for selling your Source code on a wide scale.

It is mainly focused on Web development, App templates, and themes and has a system for featuring items on a monthly basis.

Codester also has a special category specified for interface graphics. This includes logo templates, GUI, character design, etc..

This makes Codester one of the main go-to places for web development platforms in the market.

4. SellMyApp

As the name suggests, If you are an Android/iOS developer, SellMyApp should be one of the best places to publish and sell your code.

With a marketplace entirely directed towards game templates and mobile apps, SellMyApp has a simple straightforward interface that doesn’t complicate things much.

This may be perceived as a benefit to some and a drawback to other, but SellMyApp keeps a very direct style. You list your app, people buy it, simple as that.


There are many many more Marketplaces for buying and selling software components, many of which are specialized in one or two categories and neglect the others. This list shows you the top-in-the-market platforms that can be used for Selling and monetizing your software projects and build your very own business as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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