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Despite the emoji’s daily use, some people would get the wrong idea or receive the wrong expression. Thus, a challenge was generated on how people would understand the emoji messages better. With the problem of misinterpretation, there comes a brand new profession— a professional translator of emojis.

Do You Need a Translator?

People always say that a single image can speak a thousand words, that a single picture can go beyond mere speech. Of course, basic emotions are usually represented by emojis, and it’s used to express more than what a single word couldn’t. It’s used every day, from basic messages, social media captions, and tweeting.

However, the problem today is misinterpretations. Emojis help everyone express their emotions and what they’re feeling in general with an image, rather than a text. Yet, some people still misunderstand. It would help if you didn’t worry about it as there are many emoji translating Softwares in the market right now, and here are the top emoji translators today.

Super Emoji Translator

The Super Emoji Translator allows a certain amount of terms in a message to substitute them with one or more emojis so that they can be represented while the message is left alone. Upon tapping on the big blue, users can personally type or paste in the box provided and press the button near to convert the message.


EmojiTranslate is a website that helps users turn basic messages into emojis by replacing words in the text with emojis, while the irreplaceable words are left as is. It is considered as the only emoji translator available that has more than a hundred languages to interpret. However, some translations are a bit inaccurate, and it’s not optimized for mobile devices.


The DecodeEmoji is a translating tool that’s quick and easy to operate, and it’s also web-based. The program allows users to input as many emojis as they can for it to be translated. It can also work the other way around as users can put a text message and translate it into emojis.


The LingoJam is a web-based translating tool that allows its users to translate emojis to text or text to emojis. However, it’s not as consistent as other emoji translating sites or programs. Whenever a user clicks on the translate button, a different set of emojis turns up, but it’s still quite understandable.

Emoji Translate

Emoji Translate is an Android-based program that translates emojis on the go. Mobile devices are where emojis are commonly used, and what better way to translate emoji messages than having an app on the mobile device itself. The app also has a feature to show what the emoji you entered would look like on other devices.


Developed by Monica Dinculescu, the Meowni is a web-based emoji translator project that can only be found on her website. The translator can replace most of the text into emojis directly while leaving the rest of the text untouched. It has a Copy to Clipboard feature that makes copying a text to the translator much easier.

The emoji translator is more user-friendly compared to some of the programs, and it’s also very effective. Moreover, the program also has an additional feature: whenever a user copies and pastes the text with a keyboard and mouse, users can get a wide range of alternatives.


The program converts the emojis from text to text, while adding emojis relevant to the message. There are several different emojis for each specific term, and the answer may somehow be correct, but it wouldn’t be at a user’s standards. Emojis are now a phenomenon with full Unicode support and support from all large emoji software applications.

The site offers not only emojis but also tons of cool, peculiar translations in more than 50 languages. The text needs to be inserted into the space provided. Instead of removing the words with the emojis, this emoji converter incorporates the emojis around words to understand the expression.

Chrome Emoji Translator Extension

If you’re wondering how an entire home page site looked like it had so many emojis put in, you don’t have to wonder. Google Chrome released a browser extension that can translate emojis for you. This software deserves a special feature as it’s not similar to any other emoji translator because this program translates the whole site for you.

To use the program, the user must add the extension to their browser by searching for Emoji Translate Extension. Simply add the program as an extension, restart the browser, and translate a whole page of emojis if needed.


In recent years, emojis have become a big part of our daily lives. However, it could also mean life or death, depending on the interpretation of the emoji message. There are many emoji translators out there that are available for everyone in every language there is. Find the perfect translator for you, and you wouldn’t have to worry about misinterpretations anymore.

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