Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations for E-Commerce in 2019


Trends in digital marketing are evolving faster than your web browser can refresh. Several trends appear to be staying power at the moment, and in 2019 they are expected to dominate the market. Check out this comprehensive digital marketing guide for all things in 2019 and beyond.

It’s not a secret that social networks will remain as the main channel in 2019 to attract customers. But this time, this channel will require more effort and creativity. If in your social profiles you have not yet demonstrated your competitive advantage, it is about time to do this.

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI can transform digital marketing effectively as it can help businesses deliver enhanced customer experience. At its core, AI is about using machines and their ability to learn and solve problems continuously. This increase can make a big difference in digital advertising space as it will not only create efficiency that offers more satisfying work.

Initially, marketers weren’t confident to incorporate AI into their strategies for digital marketing. But as digital innovation in AI technology continues to take place, there is now less ambiguity about the results it provides.

2. Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots can be a component of your advertising projects as well as helping you move your clients seamlessly through your sales channel. Chatbots can fit in with your marketing strategy. Interacting with someone who knows you by name can change a conversation’s nature completely.

Many customers prefer to interact with chatbots as they are responsive 24/7, respond promptly, remember your entire purchase history accurately, and never lose patience. These virtual assistants offer excellent customer service, meet the expectations of customers, and automate repetitive tasks–which means you can focus on more important work.

3. Mobilification

Mobile phones, as you see today, are half as famous as the Internet. What is essential, however, is that the quantity of Internet consumers and smartphones is equivalent, which allows us to believe that a large percentage (if not all) of Internet consumers have mobile devices to go online.

Mobile marketing is now on the rise when smartphones are more accessible than ever. The last five years have changed a lot in the way we buy and sell stuff, including branded mobile apps, new banner advertising era, and a lot of other stuff. Let’s take a look at some recent mobile marketing trendsetters.

4. Personalized Contents

Considering the amount of hot water that some social media platforms have recently been in, it’s no wonder that rebuilding the customer’s trust has been named the top trend to be aware of. The many controversies have caused confidence in social media to decline, meaning brands face even more challenges when it comes to engaging with their audience.

Creating content that is meaningful and targeted to a smaller audience can help build engagement, leading to brand advocates being followers or customers. Creating brand-based communities that allow you to talk to more valuable audiences can ensure that they stay engaged and trust your brand, even if they don’t have to trust the social media platform.

5. Omnisexual Marketing

A tactical campaign whose goal is to encourage products and services to customers without gender stereotypes. although there are minimal instances where a logo will goal a specific gender. In conclusion, as you propose other facts, keep in mind how your logo will take care of potential customers to create a strong engagement.


Digital advertising in 2019 is going to be very exciting and so as the following year. To keep your brand above the hook, you’ll continuously have to improve your content and plans to consider the changing customer’s wishes regardless of the channel you’re using inline with increasing developments.

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