Top Advice Of Content Seeding Strategy


Poor quality seeding can ruin even the most outstanding viral video, your investment in its creation will be lost and no one will appreciate it. How not to make a mistake on the way to millions of YouTube views? We are going to tell you what seeding is, and how to plan and implement it.

Start at the beginning

More than 1000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and no matter how awesome your video is, it can very easily go unnoticed. The goal of a seeding campaign is to help your video move on to the top.

There are three stages of a seeding campaign: planning a strategy and setting a measurable purpose, video optimization, and promotion itself. So let’s start talking about strategy.

Seeding strategy

Before you begin, you should determine who the audience of the video is and what your goal is – these are two key moments that will help you plan what the video will be about, and develop the most successful strategy for its distribution.

The goals of video promotion should be related to the goal of the entire advertising campaign and have a measurable effect on your business. For example, increase brand awareness, increase traffic to the company website, increase audience loyalty to a particular product, and so on.

Depending on your chosen goal, choose a seeding target as well. This can be the number of YouTube views, likes, comments, website conversions, or, for example, the appearance of the video in the news.


It’s not enough to just publish the video, it’s also important that the user can find it on YouTube.

Video title, description, and tags

All of these parameters should contain keywords. YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool, Google Keywords Planner, and Google Trends can help you identify them for your video.

Remember that the content of your video must match the title and description, otherwise, viewers will be disappointed and close it a few seconds after they start watching it. This can have a negative impact on your video’s visibility because YouTube’s ranking algorithm takes into account the total viewing time and bounce rate.


Taking care of the attractiveness of the video thumbnail, it will help increase the number of organic views. You can choose from the options automatically created by YouTube, or upload your own.

YouTube promotion

The essence of the seeding strategy is that you choose platforms maximally relevant to your video or channel topic. Improperly chosen sites are a guaranteed loss of money.

In order to achieve maximum results at the start of the campaign, it is necessary to use all possible platforms for seeding. There are two ways of seeding: manual and automatic. You have to manually make a list of relevant bloggers and channels where you can advertise yourself. With the automatic method, you do almost nothing. You just need to define your budget and needs, and special platforms will do the search for you (for example, Investcorp).

To buy real YouTube views, likes and comments

It’s important to include this in your strategy. Buying YouTube views, likes, subscribers and comments is effective, especially in the first 2 days after the video is published. Together with seeding, this will give a powerful boost to your channel. It is absolutely safe if you work with professionals. Check platform reviews, support team, and service guarantees.

Quality seeding is the first impetus that should trigger a viral effect for your video.

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