Top 7 Valorant Tips And Tricks Every Player Must Know


Valorant is a very popular first-person shooting game. It is also a battle royale where you compete against other players in real-time and defeat them. This game is free to download and play on the Windows store; infact, this game is very popular among people due to this very feature. You will also find the urge to be better at this game because of its competitive nature.

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Essential Valorant Tips

You can find it difficult to adjust to the game’s pace as a beginner, but learning a few tips and tricks will help you gain an advantage over other players and improve your gameplay.

Be Familiar with the Maps

Being familiar with the maps and your surroundings is very important in a game. Knowing your location in a battle royale is a very important part of the strategic process. There are four different maps in valorant, and each map has a different design and different flow. You will also find that these maps also have different vantage points and choke points.

To gain an advantage over your enemies, it is always ideal to gain proper knowledge about the terrain. You’ll also know where the enemies might come from if you know the right spots to hide and ambush them.

Use Money Smartly

You must use and divide your money smartly to buy weapons, armor, and abilities. Finding the right balance between these three things will be quite difficult for you, but you can prioritize things based on your knowledge.

A good strategy is to always consult with your teammates and follow what they are doing. For instance, if your teammates are saving money, it is not good to buy expensive weapons and armor.

Keep Your Crosshair High

Keeping the crosshair of your gun at a higher point on the screen is also a smart trick to deal more damage to your opponents. In almost every game, a headshot deals more damage to your opponents than a normal body shot.

Try to keep the crosshair as close to your enemies as you can; in a gunfight, you will benefit a lot due to this. Your reaction timing will be faster, and you will take less time to move your cursor.

Don’t Run Away

It would help if you did not run randomly without any aim while in a fight. Even if you don’t understand what’s going around you, it is always better to stick to one position and then look for the enemies.

You can observe certain things by staying at a position, such as the movement of the enemies, the position of your teammates, and so on.

Learn Abilities

Learning the agents’ abilities or your characters in the game will also be very beneficial for you in the long run. This will help you make a main character or agent, and you can master the abilities of this main character to help your teammates win and succeed.

Each agent in the game has different abilities that will help you in different ways and situations. Forming a balanced team is very important as your team should have equal offense and defense. If you are defending the bomb site, then you have to defend the bomb as a unit, Or if you are on the offense and defusing the bomb, you also need to work as a unit.

Know When to Plant the Spike

Spike is the bomb you will be defending while in defense or diffusing if you are in the offense. You must know how to plant the spike along with the correct time to plant it.

The time taken to plant the spike is four seconds, and after you have planted this bomb, the enemy team will get about 45 seconds to diffuse the bomb and come up with a counterplay. You also need to pick a spot that is easier to defend; for instance, you choose a spot that is open from all sides, then the enemies can attack you.


It would help if you were not afraid to ask for help while playing this game. Asking your teammates for help will build a relationship of trust and understanding between yourselves. You can even develop strategies and tactics if you have proper unity and teamwork. Ultimately it will not matter whether you are a good or bad player if you don’t play as a team.


Valorant is a fun and challenging online competitive game that will test your skills to the limit. As a beginner, you will face a few difficulties to excel as a player; following a few simple tips and tricks will improve your gameplay and decision-making.

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